OK, so I still can’t tell you who/what the shoot I did about a month ago (told you guys about it here) was for… BUT I can finally show you my piccies!Β  Yay. πŸ™‚

I’m so happy with how they turned out.Β  I’m no model, so I was really stressed that they would turn out to be a pile of poo… but sjoe, luckily there were some descent ones.

Before we get into the pics, I just want to thank the following people:

  • Joseph Ou for the beautiful photos
  • Clair Hills for make-up & hair
  • Natalie Leicher for assisting with styling & hair
  • Simony Santos, Che Chevald & Simone de Kock my awesome, drop-dead gorgeous co-models.

OK, so here we go!Β  These are my favourite shots from Day 1 – the studio shoot.Β  The brief:Β  Super happy, a little naughty & tons of fun.Β  That’s like me in a nutshell! πŸ˜‰

Then this was why they had to colour in those tan lines on my bum. haha.

Then some fun group shots:

Day 2 was a location shoot at a beatiful home in Simons Town.Β  The brief here was slightly different, more soft & sexy.Β  These are my favourites:

And then some more group shots:

So there you go people.Β  My 15min as a “schmodel”. haha.Β  Was fun, but also a flippen tough job.Β  You have no idea how many things you have to suck in all at the same time to get the perfect shot!Β  I have all new respect for the ladies who do this full time…