So the other night, while trying to get through some much dreaded xmas shopping at Canal Walk, I got cornered by a crazy salesman who just wouldn’t let me go…

He was an Israeli guy named Oz (well that’s likely not his real name) with a very heavy accent and he was punting a skin care range called Oro Gold which claims to contain 24 karat gold in the products.  He also claimed that gold can actually be absorbed by the skin and that it had huge anti-aging and anti-inflammatory abilities blah blah blah, etc etc.

Oz totally freaked me out.  He was very aggresive in his sales manner and I felt totally trapped…  He forced me to sit there while he plastered all kinds of products me, telling me in detail how “magical” each one was.  I knew 100% that his pitch sounded way too rehearsed and far-fetched.  But you see – I’m someone who hates confrontation, making a scene or drawing attention to myself in situations such as these – so he had the perfect captive in that chair.

Eventually I felt so bullied, I decided that my only way out would be to just buy something and get outta there.  I settled on this24K Deep Peeling facial scrub cause it seemed pretty descent when he did his little demo.  Oz started with an insane price of R2400. When I said that’s way too much money for me, he then said because he “really likes me” he can give it to me for R1500.  I still wasn’t biting, so he then went down to R1200 and eventually R1000.  I was like OK fine, I’ll take it for a bloody grand then.  I just want to get away!!!

I thought I was finally free… but no… there was of course more…

Then he started with some mineral make up range and a body range made out of Dead Sea minerals. The make up seemed pretty descent, but also had crazy crazy prices.  The body products were also fine, but then again – they’re just pretty standard body products and again the prices were seriously steep.

I got bullied into a 2nd product – an Obey Your Body Dead Sea Mineral Salt body scrub, starting off at a price of R750!  Yes – for a bloody body scrub!   It eventually came down to R250 and I gave in.  I really really just wanted to escape…

The next morning I confessed my stupid purchases to my beauty guru, Leigh, and she directed me to this link where they explain how gold actually doesn’t really do anything for your skin.  Oh how awesome.  But then again – I kinda knew that already.

Then I did a bit of research online and found that the crazy prices Oz was quoting was total bullshit.  That Oro gold face scrub you can pick up on for $37.10 (normal price $114.95).   At the current USD to ZAR exchange rate of approx. 8.3 – that means even if I was buying it at the normal price, I’d only be paying R954.  So where the hell did the original price of R2400 come from?

That body scrub you can get on for $14.21 (normal price $59.99) – again that’s way below his R750 opening offer.

I also found tons of complaints here submitted by woman from across the US to the US Complaints board.  They all make mention of the pushy sales tactics, false pricing and false information about their returns policy.

I have since tried the face scrub and can tell you that its crap – the scrub turns into a glue like texture which sticks to the little fine hairs on your face and it’s a total bitch to get off.  Not cool.  I have also noticed lots of little bumps on my face which was not there before – kind of like a minor allergic reaction.  I’m likely just going to bin it now.

So ja – I was an idiot – I should have been more assertive and told the guy to piss off.  But instead I allowed him to make me feel awkward and uncomfortable.  I can assure you I will NEVER fall for something like this again.

I wanted to share my story to avoid others from falling for the same scam.  I don’t think his stand is still at Canal Walk – because he did mention that he was only there for the day.   But I’m sure he’ll be popping up at a shopping centre near you.  So keep an eye out people, please…