photo-7Last Thu eve, some girlfriends and I decided to throw a little spray tan party.

The aim was to try out the mobile tanning services of the lovely Tamryn Jefferies from Glow Cape Town – Spray tan & Make Up.

Get this:  For only R250, Tam will come to your place and give you an awesome golden glow in the comfort & privacy of your own home.  Pure awesome.

AND if you get some friends together (like we did), the price gets even better.  With 4 – 6 guests the price goes down to R200 per person and with 7 to 10 guests, it’s only R150.  Over and above all that awesomeness, the party host will also get her (or his – boys can do this too you know) spray tan FOR FREE.

Armed with Smirnoff boxtails (which were gifted to Leigh to do a review) and the cutest bikini cupcakes, thanks to Tam (who fyi, is a total creative queen), we were ready to roll.


And she was all like… ah, sorry guys, didn’t have much time, so just whipped these up. Really? I wouldn’t be able to do that if you gave me a bloody month. Oh and on the boxtails front – I quite liked the apple, lemon & pomegranate one.

Now I will admit that I was se-ri-as-ly nervous going into this.  I’m certainly not a spray tan or self tan regular.  I guess it’s because I’ve always worried that I’m going to end up looking like the bloody Oros man or even worse… Paris Hilton… 😉  But Tam’s a total pro and she set my mind at ease.  She even rocks her own tan, so you can see how natural the colour is (she’s trained her hubby to do hers, how’s that’s for love).

The only setup requirement Tam has is a little space to pop up her mobile tanning booth:


It’s just like those pop out tents which take like 30 seconds to set up.

And then she’s ready to go.  You can decide how dark you want to go and the actual spraying process takes less than 5 min.  The result?  Well feast your eyes on this:


Not too shabby for 5min hey…

It takes just a few minutes to dry and then you can pop on some loose fitting, dark clothes and relax.  For 6 – 8 hours you can’t wash it off, but I just went home, got into bed and had a shower the next morning.  Easy peasy.  The smell of the product really wasn’t that noticeable at all, and obviously once you’ve showered, there’s zero smell to worry about.

Tam says if you look after your tan (i.e. keep you skin moisturised, gentle exfoliation, etc), your tan can last up to 5 or 6 days.  For me it’s now 4 days in and I’m still looking golden.  So I’m very impressed, that’s for sure.

Wanna make your own booking? (and I know you do) – contact Tamryn on:

  • Tel: 021 683 0109
  • Cell: 084 316 2381
  • Email:

She also does spray tanning from her home in the Southern Suburbs.  If you opt for a spray tan at Glow, you will only pay R150.  Oh and she does loyalty cards where for every 10 tans you do, the 10th session is on the house.

Other services Tam offers are bridal make up (trial R300 – on the day make up @ R800), make up lessons, and special occasion make up (R300) or even special effects make up. Check out some of her work:


So she’s definitely a pretty great person to know all-round.

Tam, to you I say, thank you so so much for opening my eyes to the amazing world of spray tanning.  I have you on speed dial now lady. 🙂