DSC08126Yes, yes, I know… I rave about La Mouette like all the time.  But for bloody good reason!

Their ever changing 6 course tasting menus rock my world and I find myself going back and back again because of the associated FOMO (which is intense, I guarantee you).

Their current menu which is still available until 6 June, I have to say, is one of my favourites to date.  It starts off with their heavenly Truffle and cheese croquettes (served with roasted garlic aoli), moves on to a delicious butternut coconut soup with a piece of vegetable dim sum, and then you have some great choices for courses 3 & 4:

  • Pan fried line fish with cauliflower velouté, grapes, ricotta gnocchi & mushrooms
    Herb crusted sweet potato with sweet potato puree, pickled pear & truffle dressing.
  • Springbok medallion with caramelized onion, chestnuts, parsnip puree & red wine caviar.
    Mushroom ravioli with a smoked onion puree, croutons, pickled mushrooms & sage brown butter.

Things then start tipping towards the sweeter side with course 5 – which is fontina on toast with pickled apple, butternut & whole grain mustard.  And then it’s all wrapped up with the grand finale of dark chocolate tart with honey comb, vanilla cream & candid hazelnuts.  #sohungynow

Now I know, some people are more visual, so words might not do it for you…  No problem, cause this is what it all looks like:


Top left: truffle & cheese croquettes; Top right: butternut soup; Bottom left: I went for the pan fried line fish; and bottom right: I went for the springbok medallion


Left: fontina on toast;  Right: dark chocolate tart

At only R185 (R295 if you want to do a wine pairing), this just can not be topped.
If you’re not already going, OK so what’s the number to call??  I dunno what’s wrong with you. 😉  If you are, the answer to that question is:  021 433 0856
Do it, do it now…