A favourite dining spot of mine, especially for a romantic date night, is the Myoga Restaurant over at the The Vineyard Hotel in Newlands.

It’s a truly elegant & beautiful restaurant.  It has a great vibe and excellent service.  And their 7 course ‘Tasting Meal’ menu is just something you have to experience.


The boyfriend and I went there again last Friday.  We always go for the 7 course special, even though we keep saying we should really try the a la carte menu.  But the lure of those 7 totally delicious & carefully planned courses is always just way too much for us…

Our date night outing encounted a little twist however, with a “special guest” who joined our table.  We will refer to him as Mr Big Chair:


Um OK… this is awkward…

That’s really the only thing I don’t like about Myoga – some of the tables around the edges of the restaurant have these gigantic chairs on the one side.  Some might think they’re cool to sit on.  But not me.  I just feel like I’m being swallowed by the damn thing and kinda like I’m a character in a comic strip or something. 

Bjorn and I decided to let Mr Big Chair have his space and we sat nicely on the other side of the table, shoulder-to-shoulder, which I’m sure the diners around us found a bit strange.  But it’s OK, we’re totally cool with being strange. 😉  Plus it was our own fault for not remembering to ask for a “non big chair table” when we made out booking.  ** hot tip if you have a fear of big chairs too **

Right, now let’s get down to the food.  The 7 course ‘Tasting Meal’ menu costs R265pp, and it’s a really great deal.  Each course has 5 – 6 choices (and trust me, it becomes really tough to pick just one).  You kick things off with a “mouth tickler”, then move on to a starter, a soup or salad, a risotto or pasta, a sorbet cleanser, a choice of main and then onto something sweet.  It’s a lot of food, so stretchy pants is highly recommended.  Or for the ladies, “fun & flowy” is your friend.   Also, pace yourselves.  I know this might sound like obvious advice, but you can easily get carried away and next thing you know you’ve shovelled down 4 courses in under an hour and you want to cry (I’m speaking from experience here).  7 courses are not to be taken lightly…

Our waitress mentioned that they are in the process of changing up the tasting menu, so there will likely be an updated one over the next week or so.  Therefore I’m not going to go into too much detail around all the choices, but here are some piccies of what I had to tempt those taste buds:


Top row, from left to right: thai green duck samoosa, pear & elderflower sorbet cleanser, pan fried prawns; Middle row: trio of chicken, thai inspired green curry chowder, prawn & chive risotto; Bottom row: truffle teriyaki beef & butter toffee sponge. (All my dishes, except the trio of chicken – that was Bjorn’s starter)

One thing I can say is that the pear & elderflower sorbet is something that will rock your world.  That flavour combination is so unique and I really hope they keep it as an option on the new menu.  Also, if you spot prawns under the starter selection, go for it.  They do amazing prawn starters.  In general, you really can’t go wrong with any choice.  I’ve had one or two minor misses, but the quality of the food and the care they put into preparation is something really quite impressive.

For those interested, you can check out the full dinner menu over here.

To me Myoga is a real treat.  I’ve never left there not smiling from ear to ear and for that reason I’m going to give them an overall Miss K Kiss-o-Meter score of:


Looking for a warm & welcoming spot to hide from the cold weather outside?  Look no further.