My new favourite sushi spot, Nuri Sushi, has launched a new menu.  Same kick-ass prices, but just way more to choose from and some really creative additions.  Two words: love it.


Also loved seeing that since my first visit, they’ve added some new decor elements, making it a bit warmer, and it’s definitely also vibier than before.

New items on the menu include some yummy starter/snack options like various types of spring rolls, tempura prawns & chilli edamame beans (I freakin’ love edamame beans), as well as some Asian soup & salad options, new sushi rolls & new sushi platters.


Click on the image to get a larger version.

We popped in again this past Friday eve and had a good mix of old & new.  Here’s some “sushi porn” to tempt you:


Top left: Hot Stuff Roll (8 pieces – R46) which is tempura salmon & tuna california topped with a spicy wasabi mayo; Top RIght: The Nuri Stack (8 pieces – R52) which is layers of salmon, tuna & wasabi mayo topped with peanut mayo, sprinkled with sesame oil & spring onion; Bottom left:  NEW Prawn crunch roll (10 pieces – R46) which is a tempura prawn & cheddar cheese california crunch topped with mayo & sweet chilli; Bottom right:  NEW dessert rolls – on the left the Choc banana crunch roll (10 pieces – R40) and on the right the Peanut crunch bomb (10 pieces – R40)

As always, great sushi.  The only thing I’d say is that those dessert rolls are not going to be for everyone.  I really enjoyed the Peanut Crunch bomb, but still wouldn’t be able to finish a whole roll by myself because it gets a bit sweet.  It’s definitely the kind of thing you get for the table to share, but worth a try for sure.

Another exciting thing to mention is that they also plan on adding Bubble Tea to their menu in the near future.  Mmmmmm…

If you haven’t yet popped in for a visit, why not??  Amazing sushi & these prices is just too great a deal to miss out on. 

Nuri Sushi is open from Mon – Sat, 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  And you’ll find them at nr 8 Parliament St, in the city centre.  For more info or bookings, you can contact them on 021 461 8719 or