Do you ever have those moments where you think “I really should do this more often”.  I had one of those moments up on the top of Lion’s Head last night…

Even though I’ve been living in Cape Town for like 11 years now, l had only ever been up Lion’s Head once before last night.  That’s totally embarrassing, no? I had decided to head up their again to show my visiting friend from the US and I was really happy that I got to show it to him, because as you’ll see from these photos, it was an absolutely beautiful evening and an incredible sunset view from up there. IMG_4614 IMG_4631 IMG_4639 IMG_4634 IMG_4632


I don’t know those people… but it made for a fantastic shot…

I REALLY need to do this more often.  I mean it only takes about 45min up and then a quick 30min down.  It’s of course better to either do it early in the morning or early evening before sunset to escape any hectic heat, but it’s so well worth the bit of effort you have to put in.


The gang: me with friends Jon (on the left) and Austin (on the right). Jon made a kick ass hiking guide as he has done this hike like a million times and climbs those rocks like a bloody mountain goat. High five Jon! I was super impressed…

So how many times have you been up there?  And will I see you there soon?

For those who haven’t yet been up there and are thinking about it – check out this page for all the important details.