Hipster Spotting # 5

Say hello to Jon…

Jon is a photographer by trade, operating under the name ishotimages.  He works on anything from sports photography, beauty, and weddings to events and commercial work.  So yes, he’s a “creative”.  Now Jon happens to believe that he’s in fact not a hipster.  BUT I’m gonnna have to respectfully disagree on […]

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Hipster Spotting # 4

Today’s hipster was spotted at Rocking the Daisies last weekend.  His name is Oliver Booth and this Cape Town born stand-up comic was definitely one of the stand out performances I checked out at the Lemon Tree Theatre.

Now technically he’s not a true hipster.  The look was a planned one to fit in with […]

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Hipster spotting # 3

OK, so here’s the 3rd installment of my new Hipster Spotting series.  This one was also spotted at the Short & Sweet film fest which was a HUGE hipster hub, you know – being all creatively focused and all that. 😉

This is a look I actually rather dig… mostly because of the very impressive beard.  Growing a big […]

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Hipster spotting # 2

So last Sunday I kicked off a new blog series called “Hipster Spotting”.  My first post was about a guy I spotted wearing quite an interesting Maya the Bee inspired jersey at the Short & Sweet festival.  If you missed it, you can check it out over here.

Today I have a submission by my […]

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Hipster spotting # 1

OK, I’m trying something new.  A blog series I’m hoping to call “Hipster Spotting”.  I’ve been intrigued by the Cape Town hipster phenomenon for quite some time now and I think it’s time I do a bit a homage to this very popular trend.

If you’re still confused as to what a hipster is, this […]

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