Satisfy your fish & chips cravings with Lucky Fish & Chips

Now I don’t normally feature what one would class as fast food, but if you love a good portion of crispy battered fish & chips as much as I do, then you’re gonna want to test drive Lucky Fish & Chips.

This franchise ,which is actually part of the Harbour House Group and therefore comes from […]

Middle Eastern & Mediterranean goodness at Sababa

Been looking for a fresh, healthy lunch alternative?

Look no further than Sababa in Bree St.

Sababa specialises in Middle Eastern & Mediterranean dishes which they serve up buffet style with constantly changing options.  In a way it kinda reminded me of The Kitchen in Woodstock (which I love) with their great variety of salads and veg and the option […]

Fondue Thursdays over at I ♥ My Laundry

So there’s actually two new I ♥ My Laundry titbits I’d like to share with you.

The first is that they’ve opened a new, bigger branch in Bree St (nr 14 Bree, on the lower side, below Riebeek St).

This means you now have 2 laundry zones to chill, have some wine, eat some dim sum and of course, […]

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My thoughts on the new La Parada tapas bar in Bree St

There is a new tapas bar on the block, and it’s called La Parada.

News of this place got me extremely excited as my friend D and I figured we could finally relive some of those amazing tapas moments from our recent visit to Spain…

Tasty tapas needed to get into my belly, and fast!

Technically it’s not […]

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Dining & drinking at The Odyssey Gastropub

I was very excited when I heard Cape Town had gotten a “gastropub”.  I was even more excited when I heard that it had taken over the space where French Toast used to be, cause you see, French Toast was always “just a pretty face” to me.  Absolutely beautiful venue, but absolutely disappointing food… […]

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50 Shades of grey at Lion’s Head Bar

My friend Darryn and I headed over to Bree St to check out this new little bar called Lion’s Head Bar.

It’s in the same vicinity as &Union.  So it definitely hits the mark location wise with a lot of cool little spots in that area.

From the outside, it had quite a lot of promise, […]

Surfer vibes at Latitude 33

There’s a very cute new surfer style dining spot in Bree St called Latitude 33.

When I walked in it immediately took me back to days in Jeffreys Bay when I was a teenager.       JBay was the place to be in the Eastern Cape (and way way cooler than PE, which is where […]

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The Abi & Scarlett pop-up store in Bree St

A few weeks back I received a tip off about a new pop-up boutique opening in Bree St, selling all kinds of things from fashion, jewellery & accessories to ceramics, homeware & gifts.  Being so close to xmas I figured this is something I definitely needed to check out to get some gifting ideas […]

Zando launch @ Orphanage

On Tue eve I was lucky enough to attend the official media launch for new SA online store, Zando.

Now some of you might remember my post just over a month back about my first Zando shopping experience… (if you missed it, you can check it out here).  In that post I noted all the […]

Birds Boutique is just plain lovely

The other day I had a great lunch session with my gorgeous friend, Lucy.  The goal was to catch up and take a bit of a breather from her hectic final bit of organising for her upcoming wedding.

As I know that weddings can be crazy stressful, I chose Birds Boutique Cafe in Bree St […]