Lots of tasty, healthy options over at Cold Press Juice Bar

Last week I attended the media launch of Cold Press – a new Juice Bar located on the ground floor of the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village:

Now Cold Press is all about serving up good-for-you options without you having to sacrifice on taste or variety.  On their menu you’ll find lots of fresh sandwiches, salads, […]

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Those Bathtub Gin, Blind Tigers and Bootleggers winners are…

So the 4 sets of double tickets to this Thursday’s Bathtub Gin, Blind Tigers and Bootleggers white collar boxing event go to:

Jean Mortlock ‏aka ‪@jeanmortlock‬

Albert – (who entered by leaving a comment on my giveaway post)
Sheshe LeShez ‏aka ‪@Sheshe121‬ 
Nyasha ‏‪aka @mzezman‬

Congratulations guys & girls!  You’re in for some jaw punching action I’m sure.

Just drop me […]

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It’s white collar boxing time with Bathtub Gin, Blind Tigers and Bootleggers (plus a ticket giveaway)

Cape Quarter is hosting a very interesting boxing event next week.  Check it out:

The Amoury Boxing Club, will be bringing you 7 tense boxing bouts between fighters who are currently putting blood, sweat & tears into their preparation.

Burlesque dancers will entertain the crowd in between fights and I’ve been told that The Market Bar will […]

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Pamphair party with Palladium Hair Co & other cool folks

Last Wed eve I popped into Palladium Hair Co in Cape Quarter for their “Pamphair party”.

If you don’t know who Palladium Hair is?  Well listen up.  They’re the guys behind the beautiful locks of folks like Jeannie D and Liezel van der Westhuizen.  Palladium’s very own international celebrity stylist, Clint Goncalves, has quite an impressive […]

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Burger special @ Cru Café

I told you guys about Cru Café Wine Bar & Restaurant a while back here.  They’re based in the new Cape Quarter extention and I really quite like the place…

Anyhoo, they sent me a little note to say they are running a great jumbo gourmet burger lunchtime special.  Check it out:

Looks soooo good right?  If […]

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The people at Voila! are pure evil ;)

Seriously, have any of you tried walking past Voila! in Cape Quarter without stopping for a little snack?  I’ll give you the answer…. NO!!!  Why?  Cause it’s humanly impossible to pass by THIS table without totally cracking…

You see what I mean?  I am pleading to the people at Voila! to please add some kind […]

Lazari gets replaced by Zabad

This past Sunday a bunch of us met up at what we thought was still the Lazari at Cape Quarter for a birthday lunch.   Turns out Lazari there is no longer and it was replaced at the end of December by a new spot called Zabad.  I’m not really sure why the people from […]

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