My luxurious stay at 15 On Orange

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of spending a night at the gorgeous 15 On Orange Hotel.

This hotel is truly a stunner.  From the moment you step inside you have to go “wow” as you’re greeted by the fresh, modern design.  I love how they’ve maximised on light with the hotel’s big […]

Some Gourmet Boerie specials to help you keep warm

So it’s Friday afternoon… the weekend is finally here, but the weather certainly is not playing along.  You’re probably thinking “I could kill for a boerie & a beer right about now”… if not, you probably will be after I tell you about these specials the guys at Gourmet Boerie over in Kloof St […]

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Get your meat on at Nelson’s eye

Nelson’s Eye is like a Cape Town institution.

Whenever I hear people talking about great steak, the conversation usually includes a Nelson’s name drop.

Me being a lover of a good chunk of meat on my plate, I figured it was about time that I paid them a visit.

You’ll find them tucked away in Hof St […]

The Cafe Chic tapas tasting menu

Even though I’ve been to Café Chic (7 Breda Street, Gardens) several times since they opened back towards the end of 2009, I have never actually sat down for a meal…

That’s because I always end up over there for someone’s bithday celebration, engagement party, hell even a corporate function or two, thanks to their popular event hire options.  […]

Societi Bistro plans to take you on a Tour Through Italy

If you ever saw out my first blog, My Love Affair with Italy, you’ll know that my number one activity while touring through that incredibly beautiful country was definitely: eating.  Italians love their food and it’s therefore a big part of their culture. (along with family, fast cars & fashionable dressing of course) 

So no surprise then that […]

Pull up a chair at Field Office

My friend Darryn’s lucky enough to be able to work from home sometimes.  When he does, he always raves about this Field Office place in Barrack St where he goes to do his thing (and I’ll admit I’ve been very VERY jealous).

Being relatively close to my apartment building, I had gone round there only to […]

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Cute new coffee spot – The Blend

My gorgeous friend, Julie, and her business partner has just opened the cutest little coffee spot in Roeland St, just a hop, skip & jump away from my place.  Happiness. 🙂

It’s called The Blend and it’s got such a lovely cosy feel to it.  The kind of place which has already become the favourite […]

The new Deluxe coffee: a sneaky, awesome surprise

There’s a new Deluxe Coffeeworks in town people… and it’s hiding behind my favourite burger spot, The Dog’s Bollocks over in Roodehek St.

Now you won’t see it from the street.  It’s a sneaky little “you gotta be in the know” setup.  But luckily for me (and you), I’m always in the know. 😉

So here’s […]

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The 24 Woolies is back!!!

For the past two months I’ve been driving around Gardens… totally lost… and very hungry… why?   Cause my beloved 24 hr Woolies on Orange St bloody closed down for renovations! 🙁

When I first heard the news, I almost broke down and cried.  What was I going to do without my late night Woolies chicken […]

Dunkley square adventures

Last Friday eve I headed over to good old Dunkley Square, between Barnet & Wandel St in Gardens, for a surprise birthday party for an old friend (and nooooooo, that’s not a dig at his age… although it would’ve been a good one 😉 ).

The first stop for the evening was lovely Greek eatery, […]