95 Keerom, a Cape Town classic – and for good reason

So I was cleaning out my external hard drive the other day and I stumbled upon these photos I took at 95 Keerom all the way back on 23 Jan! How did I manage to miss these and forget to write about it for so long?!  I blame the wine we had on the […]

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I try out the all new Volaré at Peddlars & Co

So Peddlars on the Bend has recently undergone a fresh, new revamp and is now known as Peddlars & Co.

Along with their new look & feel, they’ve also added some new dining options which is set to elevate this well-known pub to a whole different level.

They haven’t done away with their popular pub however, […]

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    BOCCA – The hot new Italian spot on the corner of Bree & Wale

BOCCA – The hot new Italian spot on the corner of Bree & Wale

So while the rest of Cape Town is banting (aka that Tim Noakes diet), I’m out stuffing my face with pizza… Yup, life’s not too shabby over here on my side. 😉   The pizza in question was provided by the all new BOCCA which is situated on the corner of Bree & Wale St […]

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Real Italian flavours with The Cousins Italian Trattoria

If you’ve been craving some really good pasta, you have to check out The Cousins Italian Trattoria inBarrack St.  Now it’s really nothing fancy, and you will be forgiven for walking right past the place without even realising that it’s a restaurant, BUT the goodness is in the tasting, and to me that’s what […]

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Carbo loading over at Basilico

So how does a girl celebrate the end of a 7 day detox?  With a carb binge of course! Luckily the team at Basilico over in Newlands totally had my back…

This venture into the Southern Suburbs (yes yes, we all know I can be a bit of a town snob at times) was thanks to […]

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Limoncello en route

This past Sun, en route back into town from Hout Bay via the M6, as we went past the Oudekraal Market area, we were intrigued by a very cool retro food truck next to the road called Limoncello.  We decided to stop off and investigate…

Named after that famous Italian lemon liquer… Limoncello is brought […]

Massimo’s for killer pizza

On Sun I was really in the mood for some Italian food…  I think it must have been thanks to my disappointment at Ragù the day before.  It seemed to have left a lingering need in my soul. 😉

I didn’t want to hit up any of my usual spots, so I decided to consult […]

Peroni spoils us at Zenzero

So my friend Darryn is one of those lucky people who wins shit ALL THE TIME.  This time round he won a R2000 dinner for himself & 3 friends, sponsored by Peroni SA.  Of course I was one of the “chosen ones” – I mean, let’s keep it real here, what party is complete […]

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