Seville – the eating, the drinking & the flamenco dancing

The best food I had in Seville, hands down, was at a little tapas place around the corner from my hotel called Taberna Colonials (do click on this website link – the music is quite fun & makes for a great soundtrack to the rest of this post):

It had become routine for me to order […]

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Seville – the sights: part 2

I said in my previous post that this post would cover my Spain “happy place”…  And it will. I was talking about Seville’s Royal Palace, the Real Alcázar.  I’m sure at this point you’re probably going “Ja ja, another bloody palace.  How special can it be”, right?  Well that’s exactly how I felt and I […]

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Seville – the sights: part 1

I’m a bit of a water baby, so when I decided to head out for some major sightseeing in Seville, no wonder then that I ended up heading straight to the water side first…  and by water side, I’m referring to the Guadalquivir river which runs through the city.

I didn’t really look at the […]

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A lovely little place called Seville

It was a short 2 1/2 hour train ride from Madrid to Seville’s Santa Justa train station.  I was sitting next to a very chatty Spanish guy, but I didn’t mind, cause it was nice to actually chat to someone who could speak English and he also knew quite a lot about Seville, so he […]

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Sightseeing & shopping in Madrid

I spent most of my time in two areas of Madrid:  Old Madrid and Bourbon Madrid.  And the really cool thing was, from where I was based (Puerta del Sol), everything was in easy walking distance.

I really prefer walking as much as I can when I’m exploring a new city.  Firstly, it’s free!  Secondly, […]

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Eating my way through Madrid: the market, the “museum of ham” & the tapas

Usually when I get to a new city, I kick things of with some major sightseeing.  But in Madrid, I kicked things off with some major eating! (followed by some major walking to keep a handle on my growing buttocks region)

3 cool eating spots I really loved were:

Mercado de San Miguel (Address: Plaza de San Miguel, […]

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Welcome to Spain’s capital, Madrid

From San Sebastián, I hopped on a train and headed back down to Madrid.  Sadly that same day also saw one of Spain’s worst rail disasters in almost 70 years, one that saw the lives of 79 people lost and another 140 people seriously injured…

You see another train which was heading from Madrid to Ferrol, […]

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Roaming around San Sebastián…

On my second day in San Sebastián, I decided to take an alternative route over into Old Town, so I could walk through the lower parts which eventually leads you straight to their main beachfront and their larger, more popular beaches…

The larger beach (and the one where I ended up) is called Playa […]

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Some seaside lovin’ in San Sebastián

So why would I travel by train, all the way up north to go to a little place called San Sebastián?  Well… my trusty Eyewitness Travel guide refers to it as “the most elegant & fashionable Spanish seaside resort” and as if that wasn’t enough to sell you on the place, it’s also known […]

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Barcelona – the hipsters & the tapas

We used Foursquare quite extensively in Barcelona to help us find good eating & drinking spots.  It’s a really awesome app…

This is a roundup of the interesting spots we found:

Milk – quite close to where we were staying…  This place was hipster heaven.  The kind of place that would put even the mighty Power & […]

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