The “skinny” on The Skinny Juice Co

Last Saturday I attended the official launch & opening of The Skinny Juice Co which is situated in Ravenscraig Rd, Woodstock.  These guys specialise in raw, fresh, cold pressed juice from only the best locally sourced produce.

If you’ve been wanting to make some healthier changes, or you’ve been intrigued by the whole juice detox […]

Working from The Bureaux – Shared Work Habitats

So last week, I forced myself to get out of my PJs for one day to go and work from The Bureaux at the Woodstock Exchange (66 Albert Rd).  Shared working spaces are quite the trend all over the world at the moment and here in Cape Town I’ve heard of a few that’s […]

Foodie alert: Join for an evening of Food Craft

If you consider yourself a bit of a “foodie” and you really do love a good food & wine pairing session, then you might be interested in this Food Craft evening hosted by on Tue, 25 March:

Sound good?  Of course it does… Tickets are limited though, so contact them asap to make sure […]

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I finally try out The Pot Luck Club (and in their high-flying new space to boot)

I don’t quite now why it’s taken me forever to try out Luke Dale-Roberts’ The Pot Luck Club which is situated over in Woodstock.

I mean I’m constantly hearing great things about it, I had already tried out Mr Roberts’ The Test Kitchen (Pot Luck used to be right next door to it) and I really loved the […]

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Fresh & lovely eating at The Kitchen

If something’s good enough for Michelle Obama, it damn sure is good enough for me. 😉

I’m talking about The Kitchen in Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock…

The story goes like this:  In 2011, Michelle Obama was supposed to go and eat at Luke Dale Roberts’s The Test Kitchen (which as you should know is also in […]

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Bedouin Cafe & Deli review – and my new labneh obsession

Normally I don’t accept offers for a free meal to do a restaurant type review.

I had a bad experience once with a restaurant that thought that this meant I would just write amazing things, even though the food wasn’t great…

But that’s not how I operate.  If it’s not great, I want to be able […]

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The all new Tribe Coffee in Woodstock deserves a visit for sure

Last Thu eve I paid The Woodstock Foundry a visit once again.. I was there last year for their “open house” and it was amazing to see all the creatives which have found a home there. This time I was there for the launch of TRIBE Coffee Roasting’s all new, uber trendy, café and roastery.

Who is TRIBE? Founded […]

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Photographic exhibition at Post

Last Thu eve I popped into Post (a post production facility) at The Old Castle Brewery.

I was there to check out a photographic exhibition by a certain Norwegian/French photographer who for the last 12 years has worked all over the UK, Spain & Germany, but had now found a new home here in Cape Town.

I know what […]

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The launch of new creative space – Atelier AHA

According to Wikipedia (my trusty source of all things random and/or specific), the word “atelier” is a French word for “workshop”.

It is used in English typically to refer to the workshop of an artist working in fine or decorative arts and it would usually be a place where a principal master and a number of assistants, students & apprentices […]

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Pull up a chair at Field Office

My friend Darryn’s lucky enough to be able to work from home sometimes.  When he does, he always raves about this Field Office place in Barrack St where he goes to do his thing (and I’ll admit I’ve been very VERY jealous).

Being relatively close to my apartment building, I had gone round there only to […]

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