Roaming around San Sebastián…

by Karisa

On my second day in San Sebastián, I decided to take an alternative route over into Old Town, so I could walk through the lower parts which eventually leads you straight to their main beachfront and their larger, more popular beaches…

DSC00913 DSC00915







Loved all the little green sanctuaries in old town…



The larger beach (and the one where I ended up) is called Playa de la Concha.  Then there’s another one further around the bay called Playa de Ondarreta which is known as being the more fashionable one.  I stopped at the first one because well, it was really hot and that water just looked way too inviting to it pass by.  I couldn’t be fussed to walk another 10min to get to another beach which may or may not be cooler…  so yes, basically I was lazy. 😉  But as you’ll see, I don’t think I did too badly location wise.








Not too shabby hey?  Who cares about the cool kids further down…

From Playa de la Concha you can see Monte Urgull, a mountain to the right of the beach topped with a statue of Christ looking over the bay:



Feelin’ some Rio vibes there…

You can head up there and check it out up close, but I decided to just check it out from the soft sand where I had settled.  San Sebastián in fact has a few things things you can do sights wise.  But mostly its just a chill time kind of place, and I really loved that.  For me it was beach time, beach time and a little more beach time.  Followed by some pinchos exploring in the evenings.

I did at least check out the San Sebastián Basilica, which looks really pretty all lit up after sunset:


On the topic of all lit up, that beachfront area also really comes to life at night.  My camera’s not really equipped for night shooting – but this at least gives you an idea:


That little lit up piece in the middle there is actually a little island in the bay…  you can do a boat trip around it as I understand.


As I mentioned before, food is a big thing here.  Small tapas / bar snack dishes in particular called pinchos.  Next up, I’ll give you a rundown of the top pinchos bars I discovered along with all the yummy things I got to try…  So basically, it will be a “food porn” post.  #HellYeah


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