I check out El Burro’s Cabrito bar

by Karisa

This past weekend I was faced with the following choice after a boozy day in the winelands: go home and have an early one OR check out a tequila bar I’d heard a lot about…

Now what does any responsible young adult do in a situation like that?  You for damn sure check out that tequila bar of course. 🙂

The bar in question is called Cabrito, the new addition to the El Burro family, in fact you’ll find it right below this spicy mexican restaurant over in Main Rd, Green Point.

Cabrito has a tequila selection that seriously impresses and I can guarantee you it’s the kind of spot that will put hair on your chest.

Over and above the killer tequilas, they also have craft beers on tap, wine & other beer/cider options, as well as a few snacky things like biltong, chilli peanuts & nachos.

It’s a very cool spot (hipsters would approve) with a great vibe.  The perfect casual meeting place to either celebrate the end of a long day or the beginnings of a big night, whatever your preference.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t brave any of those tequilas on this particular visit, and decided to rather stick to the wine.  But hey, there is of course always next time…

Cabrito is open Mon – Sat 3pm till late


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