Jerry’s Burger Bar – my new burger obsession

by Karisa

So Jerry’s Burger Bar has been on my radar for a while now.  With comments like “best burger in Cape Town” and “best burger I’ve had in my life”, I figured it was worth putting all healthy eating intentions aside to get my burger on.

Therefore last week, my friends and I popped in for lunch to kick off our weekend on (what would hopefully be) a high note.

We chose to check out the orginal Jerry’s in Obz (they have a 2nd branch in Park Road, Gardens as well) because I figured it’s always better to visit the place where it all started.  Plus heading over to Obz is always an adventure. 😉

I was really glad to see that Jerry’s has none of that typical diner vibe going on.  It has more of a cooler, edgier Rockabilly feel.  Kinda like dirty rock ‘n roll meets Cape Town hipster.  And I thought the result is really awesome:

Another thing I loved?  The hot sauce.  To me a place is already up there if they stock this baby:

Oooooh yeah… Feel the burn…

Now let’s talk burgers.  There are two categories on the menu – their regular burgers and then what they call “Lucy’s”.  With the Lucy’s they take their handmade mince patty, they roll it into two creating a pocket, and then they fill it with all kinds of good stuff like cheese, chillies, chorizo and other bad-for-your-summer-body things.

Their regular burgers range from R62 for the aptly named “Cheapskate” (classic homemade patty basted with their BBQ sauce, topped with pickles & homemade mustard mayo), up to R110 for the “Monster” (32og – two patties, a slab of cheddar, fried egg & bacon), and their Lucy’s range from R74 to R96.

The perfect burger partner of course is a nice cold craft beer, or for those who prefer something a bit sweeter:  A milkshake (they have 7 different flavours to choose from including gingerbread, apple pie and banana & peanut butter), or even a good ol’ soda float.

It was really really tough to pick just one burger, because everything on that menu sounds so bloody good.  So my friend D and I decided to share the “Frenchy” (smothered with blue cheese sauce, cracked pepper, grilled mushrooms & their homemade red wine onion relish) and the “Jack D” (delicious sticky Jack Daniels basting with caramelised onions & bacon).

Our friend Lianne had the the “Sloth” from the Lucy’s options (stuffed with cheddar cheese & jalapeno, topped with bacon & avo).

The menu also has some snacky things, salads, ribs, wings, extra sides & desserts.  Have a look at the full menu over here.

Oh yeah… just look at that…

Between the Frenchie & the Jack D it was hard to choose an ultimate winner, because both were insanely good.  Lianne also reported that her Sloth, although quite spicy, was amazing as well.

I can happily report that:  Pure burger bliss had been achieved.  #Success

In fact… it was so good, I was back again for lunch the next day…  (And just like that, all the work I’ve been putting in at the gym has gone straight out of the window…  Jerry’s has ruined me…)

For making my burger dreams a reality, I’m going to give Jerry’s Burger Bar in Obz a top Miss K Kiss-o-Meter score of:  kiss5

They do get quite busy, so if you’re going during a peak time I would suggest booking a table.  Contact the Obz team on:

  • 123 Lower Main Road
  • +27 21 447 8554

Or if you’d like to try their Park Road branch – these are their deets:

  • 5 Park Road , Gardens
  • +27 21 4224415

Why not work Jerry’s into your weekend plans?  Come on, do it… I know you want to…


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