Do check out SERAPH – a solo exhibition by local artist Adriaan Diedericks

by Karisa


A friend of mine is an incredible sculptor & artist… From the moment I met him (last year I think it was) I have been blown away by his talent & his passion, especially because he’s still such a young artist.

Adriaan Diedericks is a name I’m sure will become one of the greats…  Well at least that’s my completely biased opinion, because I absolutely love his work, but I’m pretty sure you may also agree with me.

He will be doing a solo exhibition of sculptures & drawings at the Jan Royce Gallery in town from 1 October and I urge you guys to go and check it out.

About the exhibition:

Seraph will be Adriaan Diedericks’ third solo show. This exhibition attempts to create a synergy between good and bad, light and dark, textured and smooth, reflecting on man as a narcistic self while at the same time humiliating him.

Echo of derogation draws the viewer in to see the reflection of man’s humiliation and failure in his aspirations within society. Likewise, Seraph IV and V reflect within each other the battle between light and dark; hope and despair, while being able to stand alone relying on their own portrayals of falling or flying within the social order. As often seen in his work, 3-4 Horse creates an uncomfortable perception of ambiguity as the viewer looks at it from different angles, touching on the notion of deception, hiding in plain sight and reality being more than meets the eye. This ties in to Know thy selfie as the surface of the water is disturbed, similar to peoples perfect perceptions being marred by the truth.

Hop on over to his sculpture section of his website over here to see some of Adriaan’s incredible work.

A few of my favourite pieces…

Then as far as his drawings go, I am completely obsessed with these 3:

Beautiful right?  I grabbed this shot from the Adriaan Diedericks Art Facebook page

Trust me, if you’re an art lover, you’re not gonna want to miss out on this one…  So take note of all the need-to-knows:

  • Where:  Jan Royce Gallery, 64 Church St, Cape Town
  • When:  1 – 31 Oct 2015
  • Gallery hours: Wednesday to Friday 11am to 4pm, Saturday 10am to 1pm
  • Gallery contact details: Tel +27 (0)82 566 9625, Email:

The exhibition will be opening at 17:30 on the 1st of October.  If you’d like to attend this viewing, just give the gallery a shout.  Otherwise you have plenty of time to check it out during the month of October.


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