My ultimate burger quest continues over at IYO burgers in Bree St

by Karisa

Towards the end of last year, I finally made my way over to IYO Burgers in Bree St.  I don’t quite know why it took me so long, particularly seeing as they opened back in March 2015 already, but hey – better late than never they say.

It’s a very cool little spot situated in an upstairs venue at 103 Bree St:

They’re known for their “inside out” style burgers where they take a patty and fill it with yummy cheese & other ingredients.

On their menu you’ll find a few snacky things and then they have 12 burger options which you can have with or without the bun (perfect for the health conscious folks out there).  You can also pick your side which is a choice between curly fries, sweet potato fries, kale chips (R10 extra) or a seasonal salad.

Check out their full menu over here (there are 2 veggie burger options as well).

Ordering is a slightly different experience as you have to fill out your order on this little form:

But it’s a fun touch for sure…

In the end couldn’t decide one just one – so my friend D and I opted to share the Whiskey Braai-BBQ (R84 – smoked cheddar beef patty topped with organic bacon, avocado, wild rocket & their Whiskey Braai-BBQ sauce), and then the B-B.L.T (R86 – boerenkaas cheddar beef patty topped with a crumbed firm tomato, bacon & onion jam, butter lettuce, and a garlic mayo):

Oh and this is what a bunless option looks like:

#Fresh & #GuiltFree

Both the burgers I tried were juicy & tasty.  My only complaint would be that with the whole “filled with cheese” concept, I was expecting to see more visual cheese when cutting that burger in half.  Kinda like a cheese explosion of sorts.  But from the photo above, you’ll see it’s not really noticeable.  So that was a little disappointing.

I’m going to give the IYO burger a kiss3_smudge out of a possible 5 on my Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scale.  So a similar level to the Easy Tiger burger a tried out early December, but not yet topping my current Jerry’s Burger Bar favourite.

BUT… the search continues… I’ve been told by several people that the burger at Devil’s Peak Brewing Company’s The Tap Room is where it’s at.  So that will be my next mission.

Let this ultimate burger quest keep on keeping on.  😉

To pay IYO burgers a visit though (and I do still recommend you do), take note of the following:

  • Contact them on:  021 422 1313 (but they don’t do bookings, it’s first come first serve)
  • They are open:  Monday 5pm-10pm, Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-10pm (kitchen closed 3.30pm-5pm)

And with that I’m going to say Happy Friday everybody.  Hope this weekend’s a good one.


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