Tuesdays are for Dates & Mates over at The Village Idiot

by Karisa

The Village Idiot (yup the popular drinking hole & meeting spot over in Loop St) is running “Dates & Mates” every Tuesday…

With me not actually having a date (the Cape Town dating game is tough OK), I joined some foodie mates and we worked our way through the various options… All in the name of responsible foodie research of course. 😉

Say hi!

Now there are 3 Dates & Mates options:

  1. 600g of Beef Prime Rib on the bone (to share) served with carrot puree, asparagus & horseradish cream with a side of their house made coleslaw and fries paired with a Bottle of the Village Chenin Blanc Or Red Blend wine at a cost of R240
  2. Or… Two pulled pork burgers, topped with their house made coleslaw and a jug Standard Premium Lager for R 130
  3. Or…  A Village Table Salad to share of Butternut, beet, goats cheese and Fresh Greens, dressed with olive oil and lemon and a sunflower seed crumb served with a bottle of Village Chenin Blanc for R120

This is what they look like:

Those who know me well will confirm that I would never order a salad in a restaurant…  In fact, I like to use the following line:  If you see me ordering a salad in a restaurant, I’ve been kidnapped and I’m trying to signal you…

So with that in mind, the village salad option wasn’t my first choice.  The two winners for me were those pulled pork burgers and the 600 prime beef rib.  Both really delicious options that’ll leave you smiling.  Nothing wrong with the salad of course, it’s still tasty, just thought the other two offered more bang-for-your buck.

If your Tuesday just mysteriously free’d up and you’re wanting to book a table (which is recommended), give them a call on 021 418 1548 or email them at info@thevillageidiot.co.za.

Do it, you know you want to…


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