HQ launches new World Class Cocktail Menu

by Karisa

Now partying on a school night is never advisable (especially in your 30s when hangovers last for approximately a week), but when the offer is to try a selection of brand new cocktails, how could a girl say no to that?  You don’t, you simply don’t…

This is how I ended up at HQ for the launch of their new World Class Cocktail menu for 2017.

For those who haven’t heard of World Class before, it’s the largest & most prestigious mixology competition in the world.  The program also aims to inspire & educate bartenders from all over the world, ensuring that the craft is constantly pushed to a new level.

HQ General Manager, Warren Cowdy, has already been making waves during the competition, and with the help of the HQ team he has created 4 new cocktails that have been added to the HQ Cocktail menu.

This is what you’re in for:

  • Signal Hill Sunset: Bulleit Bourbon shaken cold with burnt orange cheeks, orange bitters, Aperol and a cinnamon infused vermouth. Served on the rocks (R95)
  • Steeped in Heritage: Tiki-style drink with Ron Zacapa, thrown with chai-steeped clarified milk and a touch of grapefruit and cinnamon syrup (R88)
  • Dia de los Muertos: Don Julio is shaken with fresh lime juice and a roasted jalapeno syrup and served over cubed ice in a short glass with a salted vanilla and jalapeno rim and a dehydrated lime – red food colour dusted over crushed ice (R92)
  • The Poached One: Shaken with poached pears in white wine and, a touch of lemon juice and some angostura bitters. Served on the rocks with a flaming vanilla husk (R82)

My favourite was Dia de los Muertos, not only because it’s really fun to say & you kinda sound like a character in a telenovela, but it’s also served in the coolest mug known to man and the roasted jalapeno syrup adds an awesome spicy finish:

Yes please!  (Also FYI – the name means “Day of the dead”, i.e. the famous Mexican festival celebrated annually on the 1st of November…)

Need a little touch of Mexico in your life?  Or spotted another cocktail creation that’s piqued your interest?  Then head on over to HQ Cape Town in Heritage Square… if you dare… 😉


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