Two very cool neighbourhood bars: SurfaRosa and Dust & Dynamite

by Karisa

Last week… after a rather disappointing meal… at a restaurant where they serve no wine (or even allow wine on the premises *cries softly into glass of Grapetizer*)… my friend Dax and I decided to venture out for some post-dinner drinks.

We ended up at two cool spots that deserve a notable mention each:  The first is SurfaRosa, a surf-inspired neighbourhood bar in Harrington Street, and the second is Dust & Dynamite, a wild west saloon hidden away in Caledon Street (close to Diaz Tavern).

Now yesterday I told you all about Harringtons (if you missed it click here!)… In that post I mentioned that Harringtons is one of 3 new spots that’s opened in the old Assembly space with the other two being District & SurfaRosa.

SurfaRosa is a relatively small space, but jam-packed with awesome decor features and offering a fun, relaxed feel.  Being a Tuesday night, it wasn’t super busy, but I could picture it pulling in a nice crowd over weekends for sure.

Let’s start with some of the pics I took on the night:

And then here are some pro shots taken from their website/FB page:

Really cool, right?  SurfaRosa is open Tuesdays to Saturdays 3pm till late and is located at 61a Harrington Street.  I highly recommend that you pop in if you get a chance…

Dust & Dynamite on the other hand is not a new spot.  From what my FB snooping tells me they’ve been around since February 2016… which got me thinking, how did I not know about this place??  I mean they have proper saloon doors outside!  That’s surely something I should have noticed…

Anyways, it may be due to the fact that it’s a small “hole-in-the-wall” kinda place, but once you step inside you’ll be blown away by the attention to detail.  Dax and I joked that it looked like the owner had been collecting cowboy-inspired artifacts his entire life and that his wife must have eventually gotten tired of it all & forced him to put it to use or get rid of it.   And put it to use he did…

All my photos came out too dark/blurry unfortunately… but this one kinda captures the vibe… Oh and you can also get involved by donning a cowboy hat from their little selection there.

To give you a much better idea, I’ve grabbed these shots from their FB page:

Well hello there cowboy… 😉

Dust & Dynamite is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 5pm to 2am and you’ll find them at 27 Caledon Street.  If you’re craving a bit of Dire Straits or Led Zeppelin and a stiff whiskey to boot, this is definitely the place to be.


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