Restaurant reservations made easy with Feastfox

by Karisa

I recently attended the media launch of a cool new Android & IOS app called Feastfox.

Feastfox is geared at people who don’t always like to plan days/weeks in advance and prefer to choose where they’d like to eat in the moment.  Of course, you can do that without an app, but you do run the risk of the restaurant of your choice not having any availability and then starts the painful process of moving from one spot to the next, or making call upon call, trying to find something with availability.

With Feastfox you can make a restaurant reservation with just a few taps AND you’re assured availability and a table right off the bat.

Using either the map or list view, you can browse through a list of restaurants that already have confirmed availability.  Restaurants marked in orange will also be running special deals exclusive to Feastfox users (so do keep an eye out for those), then you simply select the restaurant you fancy most, tell them how many people you have in your party and book.

After booking you have 30min to get there, so you’ll need to get moving ASAP, otherwise you’ll lose your table.  But to make things easier, they’ll even link you through to Uber or Google Maps to help get your there on time.  Cool right?

At the launch, we were each given a restaurant which is part of the Feastfox network, then we got to put the app to the test by making our own booking before making our way to dinner Feastfox style.

I got Sotano in Mouille Point – which was cool, because even though they’ve been around forever, I had never had dinner (or even lunch) there.

Didn’t even realise it was this big inside…

Cool bar area…

We had (clockwise from top left): the ceasar salad (classic), the squid tentacles (from their tapas selection), the fillet of beef (from their mains) & the mussels (also from their tapas selection).   And I’m happy to report:  All 4 dishes got the double thumbs up… #yum

So yeah, I really loved the Feastfox experience.  It’s super easy, super convenient, I got to try out a new spot and I will definitely be using the app again.

For now they are focusing on the Cape Town CBD & Atlantic Seaboard areas with plans to expand into other Cape Town areas soon.  I reckon they’re going to grow very fast… who knows, maybe there will be a Feastfox for every city soon…

Get in on the action and download the app today.  Here are the download links:


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