Fuego – Latin American Taqueria

by Karisa

It’s no secret that I’m a taco-obsessed individual… I don’t know what it is about them, but to me a great taco equals pure happiness on a plate. Because of this little obsession of mine, I’m always on the lookout for the next taco binge. What do I look for in a great taco?  Lots of spiciness, a tender meat or crispy fish filling, a great salsa or relish, and then I’m not too partial to either a soft shell or a hard shell – both can be very tasty.

Back in December I tried out Fuego in Sea Point – a Latin American Taqueria that serves tapas, tacos, taco bowls & cocktails:

It’s a small spot – I estimate they can serve about 30 people – but I really liked the decor.  It’s also a great spot for people-watching if you’re that way inclined.  Just grab a seat at the window (which they fold away when it’s hot) and enjoy…

On the cocktail side, there’s really only one thing you should ever order with tacos… margaritas baby!  I’m happy to report that Fuego makes a pretty decent margarita (R45) that’ll leave you wanting to order a couple more.  (which we did… of course)

Before we dug into the main show, we tried one item from their tapas menu, their potato croquettes (R42).  Sadly these totally missed the mark.  They were really bland and dry…  A dipping sauce may have helped a tad, but yeah, ended sending it back.  Luckily they were really cool about it and took it off of our bill.  So high five to them for that.

Then onto the reason why were there… I was actually really tempted to try one of their taco bowls which are served with seasoned rice with corn, beans, mixed greens, tomatoes, chipotle sauce & your choice of meat, fish or veggies in a large tortilla, but in the end we decided to stick to a classic taco selection of pulled pork (R70), fish (R70) and chicken – opting for their drunken chicken “pollo borracho” (R75):

Pork tacos in front & drunken chicken tacos in the back… every serving consists of 2 tacos each.

Then up front the fish tacos…

For dessert we decided to try their churros (R35), even though I’m not a huge churros fan. I find them super overrated in general to be honest, but I must say, order a scoop of ice cream with these babies and it’s definitely worth the kilojoules:

You can choose between a caramel or chocolate sauce. We went for the caramel, which was nice, but the ice cream add-on remains the winner.

Overall, we had a fun time at Fuego thanks to their very relaxed atmosphere (and did I mention the margaritas?).  Of the 3 tacos we had, the pulled pork was definitely the winner, the chicken came in second, but sadly the fish tacos were a bit blah.

Would I rate it better than El Burro’s Taqueria?  Or my beloved fish taco at Motherland Brewers?  No.  But I still think it’s definitely worth checking out.   I’m going to give Fuego’s tacos a on my Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scale.

This may change once I’ve gone back to try a taco bowl (saw a photo of it on Twitter recently and it looks damn good), but for now I’m going to say they were certainly not bad, they just didn’t blow me away either.  They’re somewhere safely in the middle.

You’ll find Fuego at:

Shop #2, 77 Regent Road
Sea Point

They are open:

Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 10pm
Sunday 11am – 8pm

And you can contact them on:

021 200 4278


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