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by Karisa

I’ve decided to do a new “Tried & Tested” blog series featuring locally made products & small business that I love. If you have any suggestions of awesome small businesses to check out – please email me at:

I actually stumbled upon Washr back in January of this year after having a my own “there’s gotta be an easier way to get your dry cleaning done!?!” moment & have been meaning to write about them, but just never got around to it. But FINALLY, here we are.

Washr’s claim to fame, so to speak, is that they’re South Africa’s first web-based laundromat. Not only do they do the normal washing, ironing & dry cleaning services one would expect from any good laundromat, but you’re also able to place your laundry order online and then they collect & deliver for FREE.

Say whaaaat? Total convenience right at your fingertips…

Basically you just go to – have a look at their price list, and then click “Order now“. When you place your order you’re able to select a collection date & time and then they’ll set your delivery date & time to the next available slot, something which you can also edit if that doesn’t work for you. Typically they can turn around laundry within a 24 hr period (if less than 20kgs), but for dry cleaning you have to plan for a 48 hr turnaround.

I had two items done – a pair of canvas sneakers & a jumpsuit which I had worn to my niece’s wedding:

I paid R75 for the pair of canvas sneakers & R153 to have the jumpsuit dry cleaned. And that of course also included pickup and delivery as well. Price-wise I felt they weren’t too far off from regular laundromats & dry cleaning services, and they did a great job on both items.

It was January, so there was a bit of a dry cleaning backlog after the festive season closure, so my order took 72hrs instead of the normal 48hrs, but I have to say the convenience of not having to go into a laundromat & just having someone collect and deal with it for you was what really sealed the deal for me.

They are currently trading as they secured a special permit to trade during Lockdown Level 4. They’re just operating at a slightly more limited degree, so you may not always be able to get same day collection, etc.

They’ve also implemented a few other special measures to align with the level 4 regulations:

  • Order limitations: They are unfortunately unable to accept any dry cleaning orders for the time being (but keep an eye out for changes on this front) and they will be accepting a limited amount of laundry orders per day in order to limit the number of staff needed per shift.
  • Collection of Laundry​:​ ​Laundry must be placed in a disposal black bag. Unfortunately they’re currently not able to accept any laundry bags or baskets. Their driver will make contact with you when he is outside, at which point you can just pop your disposable bags outside your door.
  • Delivery of Laundry​:​ Their driver will make contact with you when he is outside. He will place your order outside your door and back away so as to avoid unnecessary contact. All of their drivers are equipped with face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.
  • Payment​:​ They can’t accept cash at present, but they are accepting Snapscan and credit card payments. For Snapscan payments you will find a code on your receipt & drivers will also be able to process card payments on delivery. ​

Then they’re also running a lockdown special at the moment where they’re ​giving you an additional 5kg gift on all laundry orders 5kgs & above (so order 10kg & only pay for 5kg). #HighFiveToThat

So ja, tired of doing your own laundry? I know I am… why not give these guys a try!


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