About Me

by Karisa

Hi everyone,

My name is Karisa.  I’m a lover of good food & good wine, trying new things, travelling, adventure, having a good laugh, retail therapy and most importantly the city of Cape Town.

Cape Town My Love is my little space to show off this incredible city which I get to call “home”.  I blog about anything & everything Cape Town* related with some personal bits of my own thrown in here and there.

My interests & passions include:

  • Mini Coopers (love them)
  • Fashion
  • Decor & design
  • Finding great new dining spots
  • Wine tasting & more wine tasting
  • All things sweet & indulgent
  • Cool new products
  • Events / Parties / Theatre
  • Quirky shops filled with quirky things
  • Market exploring
  • Awesome chill out spots
  • Pampering girly things
  • Getaways & travel
  • Music festivals and more…

But how did I get into blogging?

In June 2011 I embarked on a 4 week solo journey through Italy.  While over there I kept a mini travel blog called My Love Affair with Italy (which you can check out over here if you’ve been thinking of heading there yourself: http://myloveaffairwithitaly.wordpress.com).

The idea behind the Italy blog was to share my experiences with my friends and family.  I knew that there’d be so much to tell once I got back home and I’d likely have to retell the same stories over and over again, so I figured it would just be easier to keep an online visual diary (of sorts) as I progressed.  I also figured that I’d be less likely to forget any cool little details, and that I’d have something really cool to look back on one day.

Surprisingly however, by the end of my trip there were lots of people following my blog, people I didn’t know at all.  I never for a moment thought anybody other than my direct family & close friends would find it interesting…  It was really great to see the readership grow and grow and somewhere between Venice & Positano the blogging bug hit me hard. I really enjoyed having a creative outlet and I started thinking about how I could keep it going once I got back home.

With a bit of motivation from friends & family, I decided that I would write about my ongoing love affair with the city that is and will always be my first love… Cape Town.  And that is how Cape Town My Love was born.

As much as I enjoy travelling as frequently as I can, I’m always very happy to come home. This city constantly surprises me and never fails to make me smile.  I count myself truly lucky to be living in such a vibrant, exciting & beautiful place.

Some other cool things: