Some other cool things to see & do in beautiful Prague

by Karisa

One of my favourite Prague sights didn’t make it onto that Golden City walking tour, but it definitely makes it onto my must see list.  It’s the John Lennon Wall and you’ll find it in the Charles Bridge area, on the castle side of the city:

IMG_2305 IMG_2307 IMG_2308

You could stand there forever reading all the little messages on that wall…


This wall certainly is something of beauty now, but it actually used to just be a plain old, regular wall.  Then during the 80s it started filling up with John Lennon inspired graffiti, extracts from Beatles songs as well as messages focusing on ideals such as peace & love. It was also used by the youth to express their unhappiness with the communist regime and by 1988, that same regime decided that this wall needed to go.  This at the time led to a huge clash between students and security police, but today the wall still stands strong, with new messages appearing all the time.  There have actually been instances where authorities have repainted the wall, but by the next day, the Lennon wall would just come to life again…  don’t you just love that?

Of course, people in the area have totally climbed on the Lennon bandwagon and nearby you will also find the John Lennon Pub and even the Yellow Submarine:

IMG_2320 IMG_2321

I reckon thanks to all this Lennon madness, you’ve probably got a Beatles song stuck in your head now.  Mine is:  Love, love me do, you know I love you, I’l always be true, so ple-e-e-e-ase, love me do-o-o-o-o-o…  (if that didn’t do it, then you’re clearly a Beatles hater, clearly)

Then the last item on the topic of sights is Wenceslas Square, home of the Wenceslas monument and the National Museum, as well as lots of cool old buildings, like the golden yellow Hotel Evropa:



It’s one of the main city squares and the centre of the business and cultural communities within the “new town” area of Prague.  Also traditionally it has been the site of many public demonstrations, celebrations and gatherings.  So it’s quite a vibey area.

Right, onto other important things… like shopping.  If you’re looking for something arty for yourself, or gifts for the family, skip the many souvenir shops you’ll come across and rather opt for the Havelske trziste (Havel’s market).  It’s located relatively close to Old Town Square, just off Melantrichova Street, and it’s open all year round from 9am to 6pm.




These witches creeped me out… When you touched them, they did this horrible witch laugh… #weird

Now beer drinking is somewhat of a thing in Prague.  So who am I to not join in on this age-old tradition?  One great beer drinking slash people watching spot was the very pretty restaurant on the ground floor of the Hotel Golden Star (close to Prague Castle):


There were street musicians playing some cool tunes in the background, the beer was cold and refreshing and there was just general prettiness all around.  To give you a taste, check out this little video I took:

Another great beer drinking & people watching spot is pretty much any of the places on Old Town Square.  I decided on this one:


And it was a good choice…

If you have a sweet tooth, I suggest you try something called a trdelnik (yes, that is the correct spelling – weird I know).  Basically it’s a cylindrical pastry which is then dusted with cinnamon, sugar and sometimes nuts and other things.  It’s warm, with a soft flaky texture and makes for a pretty good snack:


Also the guy serving them at this particular spot was a major hottie. So that’s a great tip for all the single ladies out there.

For something more substantial however (and also a whole lot fancier), you just have to experience Café Imperial:




Not only is it easily one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been in, but the food was incredible.  It’s also not too pricey, I was expecting the prices to be way worse.  For my duck ravioli I paid only 195 CZK I think, which is about R98.  That’s really not bad for a duck dish.

It was a total luxurious treat, fit for royalty.  I mean, just look at the hand basins in the bathroom:


Golden swan taps… I can’t even…

And with that, we’ve come to the end of my Prague wrap up.  Golden swan taps, not a bad place to end though hey? 😉

Before I went to Prague, people told me that it is the most beautiful city in the world.  Of course, Cape Town will always be my pick for the most beautiful city in the world, but Prague certainly gives it some stiff competition.

It is a must see city if you haven’t already been lucky enough to experience it.  And it’s definitely somewhere I’d like to visit again (and again).

We’ve now come to the last stop of my Euro invasion – London baby!


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