This year’s Cape Town Carnival in pictures…

by Karisa

This was my first year at the Cape Town Carnival and I must say I really loved it.  I felt like a kid again and it made me all warm and fuzzy on the inside… #happiness

Now some people confused this carnival with that one with all the Kaapse Klopse.  But no no no people, that’s the Cape Minstrel Carnival which takes place just after New Years.  This one is a Rio style carnival with lots of big floats and all kinds of street performers and dancers.  Two totally different events.

The best way to explain what went down though is through pictures.  So enough talking, more showing, and let’s go:

The super hot fireman moved way too fast… so sorry girls, this was the best blurry shot out of the bunch…

Then the grand finale: the biggest protea known to man!  It opened & closed as it moved past and had dancers in the middle.  Was so beautiful…

If you missed it, as you can see, you definitely missed out.  But hey, there’s always next year. 😉

Also check out the  Cape Town Carnival website for more pics & videos.


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