A meal with a view at Tobago’s at Radisson Blu

by Karisa

Last Sunday I headed out V&A Waterfront way to test drive dining at the Tobago’s Restaurant at the Radisson Blu. Now I knew the hotel well, I had been there once or twice previously for functions, but I had never actually sat down and had a meal.  My friend Melaine was my dining partner in crime and we had hoped for a nice sunny day to fully enjoy the hotel’s amazing location, but things weren’t looking too promising…

A common issue though with hotel restaurants are that people normally don’t consider them real dining destinations. That’s probably because a lot of hotel restaurants have that “I’m stuck in a hotel lobby feel”, this I’ve experienced myself a few times and agree that it doesn’t make for the best dining environment.  But I had an inkling that a luxury hotel like the Radisson Blu wouldn’t exactly skimp on their food offering, so off we went.

Because the weather was still pretty gloomy outside, we were seated inside at first:

And although yes, it is very elegant inside, I couldn’t help but worry that my hotel dining fears were becoming a reality. As we sat studying their menu (which btw had launched only the week prior), we kept looking out through the big glass windows, hoping for a little sign that maybe there would be some sunshine coming our way.  Because let’s face it, that outside terrace looked way too inviting for words:

We were very lucky, because just as we had placed our order, the sun started pouring through the clouds and I did a test walk outside to check the temperature.  It was a little cool, but lovely and we decided that the great outdoors was calling our names:

So much happier…

Back to that newly launched winter menu, it covers:  salads (R80 – R95), “warm & comforting” snack options like nachos, sticky wings & chicken livers (R75 – R95), a soup selection (R60 – R70), deluxe sandwiches & fries (R75 – R120 for the BIG Tobago’s club sandwich), a chicken wrap (R105), a French Loaf Sani (R115), a selection of meat, chicken & fish mains including two Cape Malay curry options (R135 – R195), pastas (R110 – R135), and desserts (R65 – 75).  Now I did feel that price wise things were on the steeper side, but then again this is the V&A Waterfront, so it’s certainly not unusual pricing.

To start, Melaine and I both opted for the Chef’s speciality of 3 soups which are served in espresso cups (R70), then I went for the Tobago’s Tagliatelle Pasta (Smoked chicken alfredo in a smoked velouté with whole grain mustard & parmesan shavings – R135), while Melaine went for the Chalmar Beef Ribeye (300g flame grilled, biltong butter, crispy potato wedges & bone-marrow jus – R195).  To wrap things up I went for the Crumpet Stack (Layered traditional Scotch pancakes, with mixed berries, sliced banana & butterscotch drizzle- R75) and Melaine tried the Burnt English Cream (which is served with short bread & melting chocolate spring roll – R70).

This is what everything looked like:

I couldn’t fault anything. The food was beautifully prepared and beautifully presented and the flavours were all spot on. Also the portions were very decent, in fact I couldn’t finish my main or my dessert…

We enjoyed a long, lazy afternoon on that terrace… taking in that gorgeous view, enjoying the fresh sea air, and slowly sipping on some beautiful wine.  It really was a perfect way to spend a Sunday in Cape Town.  I have to say however, sitting inside I don’t think you feel the magic this place has to offer.

My advice would be, if the weather allows, always head outside.  And certainly if you wake up and you can see it’s going to be a beautiful day, think of Tobago’s at the Radisson Blu.

For my  Miss K Kiss-o-Meter ratings, I’m gonna break things down a little:

  •  Ambience/setting:
    Indoors  kiss3
  • Food & service:  kiss4

To close off, a big thank you to Tobago’s for having us.  I have a feeling they’ll be seeing me for a few sundowner sessions this summer for sure…



Telma Jul 20, 2014 - 10:30 am

Woow I am so going there! Looks amazing!!! Xxx

Karisa Jul 20, 2014 - 10:31 am

You should! 🙂

Elton Jul 21, 2014 - 9:20 am

Love this place, You should try the Amani Spa a few step in also summer drinks are the best with sea spray and the occasional whale/dolphin in the back drop. Magic!

Karisa Jul 21, 2014 - 9:34 am

Ooh, that sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip. 🙂


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