All about my sexy hair makeover thanks to Spoilt Hair & Nails

by Karisa

Spoilt Hair & Nails – Shop 3, Portside Centre, Main Rd, Green Point – close to Vida & Nü Food.

Now when it comes to my hair, I’ve been suuuuper boring the last few years.  I’m basically a hairdresser’s nightmare…. I go in, ask for the most basic trim possible, and I run out the door.  I don’t even stick around for a blow-dry or anything…

Sure I went through that period after finishing high school where my hair was all kinds of different colours, and then there was even that time I decided a Chinese bob with super-high-maintenance fringe would be a great idea, but after a while I kinda just settled into a long hair don’t care kinda rut.

Enter the guys and girls from Spoilt Hair & Nails in Green Point.  They were like:  Girrrrl, it’s time to shake things up, and we have just the man for the job. 🙂

Owned by recognised hair stylist, Shoneez Warrington, and manned by a team of 15 passionate beauty professionals, Spoilt is a boutique hair & beauty salon which specializes in cutting, colour & styling, hair extensions, hair & scalp nourishing, treatments, and even manis, pedis, facials & massages (for the record – the head & shoulder massages they give you during your wash is out of this world).

Rated by Fair Lady Magazine as one of SA’s top hair salons, I knew I was in good hands…  Also, it’s a really pretty salon, let me show you:

My stylist was the super lovely, Gilbert Mofubelu.  Gilbert studied hair and make-up at The College of Cape Town for 3 years and has been working at Spoilt Hair & Nails for the past 5 years – where he also completed his apprenticeship during his studies.  Gilbert is a master of finding the perfect style which suits the unique needs of each and every client.  He loves playing with colour, cutting & styling and from the moment you meet him you can just tell that this man is very passionate about what he does.

So what did he have up his sleeve for little old me?  A (much needed) modern, layered cut, a slightly updated version of the popular ombré called the sombré (basically it’s a softer version where they only lighten strands of your hair, not all of it, from about midway through your hair to the ends), and then a treatment and a blow-dry to finish it all off.

I was excited, but also slightly nervous… but Gilbert made me feel totally at ease throughout the entire process.

And so it begins… Top left is the before (way too long, not exciting at all); The other two are scary yes, but nobody ever said beauty was easy; And then they’ll also treat you to a cuppa of your choice and a cookie – high 5 to that.

Gilbert working his magic…

And a close-up look at the final colour result…

I was such a happy girl… I had plans of kidnapping Gilbert and keeping him locked away in my guest bedroom, only letting him out to style my hair every morning… (run Gilbert run)

My new favourite person. Thanks so much Gilbert! You are a hair whisperer, that’s for sure…

Now what’s a girl to do with a hot new head of hair like this?  Take a million selfies of course…

Oh yes… up in the salon, in my car, and even back at home… It’s safe to say that I’m completely obsessed with my new hair.

My hair makeover came to around R1500 – but be sure to check out their pricelist over here to get an idea of what yours could cost.  I’m now totally ready for summer, my holiday in Thailand and maybe even to meet that hot guy who wants to whisk me away to an exotic location in his private jet (well, a girl can dream).

I can very happily recommend Spoilt Hair & Nails to any girl out there needing a new look.  This has been such a great confidence booster, and what girl doesn’t want to feel awesome about herself, right?

Now to make your own booking, take note of the following:

  • They are open:  Weekdays-: 08:30 – 17:30 and Saturdays: 08:30 -16:00 (closed on Sunday & Monday)
  • You can contact them on:  (021) 434 7112 or
  • And you’ll find them here:  Shop 3 , Portside Centre. Corner of Main and Upper Portswood Road, Green Point

Here’s to happy hair days for everyone.



Ritza Dec 9, 2014 - 2:31 pm

CUTE!!! xxxx

Karisa Dec 10, 2014 - 7:53 am

Thanks lady xxx


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