Lots of tasty, healthy options over at Cold Press Juice Bar

by Karisa

Last week I attended the media launch of Cold Press – a new Juice Bar located on the ground floor of the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village:

And as you can see, healthy is a hot topic here in the Mother City…

Now Cold Press is all about serving up good-for-you options without you having to sacrifice on taste or variety.  On their menu you’ll find lots of fresh sandwiches, salads, smoothies and juices, as well as some raw vegan pizza options.  They are also the first juice bar in SA which serves exclusively cold-pressed juice.  Now if like me, you’re going but juice is juice right?  What’s up with this cold-pressed stuff?  Well I actually went and did some Google research to find out more…

As the name suggests, fresh fruit and veggies are “pressed” allowing the maximum amount of nectar to be extracted from the pulp and fiber, giving your the most raw & fresh juice possible, jam-packed with more vitamins & minerals than other types of juices.  Apparently other styles of juicing which involve spinning blades can overheat & oxidise the juice, resulting in nutrient loss.

So there you go… I definitely learnt something new…

Really love the cheeky names of their juices…

And those smoothies & salads were really delicious…

Falling under the vida e caffé umbrella, Cold Press has that same contemporary, not-too-serious feel, and I really loved the simple yet striking decor as well the relaxed atmosphere of the place.  It was of course bustling on the night, so I couldn’t grab any good venue shots, but I did manage to grab these from their Facebook page to give you a peek:

They also stock a variety of healthy snacks as well as coconut water and kombucha (a fermented drink made with black or green tea):

Those Primal Paleo bars were quite nice.  I didn’t try the kombucha or the Kale Chips, but from just a little research I hear these are both huge within the health industry right now…

We also enjoyed cocktails on the night thanks to Absolut Vodka. These were created using the various Cold Press juices, and it was a nice way to show that healthy can also be mixed up with a little touch of naughty at times:

Other important things to mention:

  • Cold Press also offers complementary WiFi
  • And they do 3 different types of juice cleanses (if that’s something you’ve been wanting to try)

For more info, do call them on 021 418 1155, or simply pop in for a visit.  You’ll find them right next to the Spar in Cape Quarter (The Square | 27 Somerset Road | De Waterkant).

I really do love that Cape Town is getting more and more healthy dining alternatives.  It definitely helps, particularly during bikini season – otherwise known as the most stressful time of the year. 😉


PS.  Thanks to Werner Ryke for the beautiful pro photos

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