Sea Point Promenade happenings: From the new Sea-Change Exhibition, to pink poodles are more

by Karisa

I really am loving all the cool new things that have been popping up on the Sea Point Promenade….  it’s made one of my Cape Town happy places an even happier one…

All part of an upgrade plan by the City of Cape Town, they are promising that over the next few years we’ll see more trees, landscaped gardens, more public art, a new sea wall, all new paving, and other improved facilities.

You’ve probably already spotted the new play & public fitness equipment.  They’ve also installed a new irrigation system and a number of indigenous trees have been planted to provide more shade in future.  The sea wall project which is currently underway involves special special high-strength concrete cladding to reinforce and resurface the damaged sea wall, and then they’re planning on using the granite from the current sea wall to build a splash wall and low seating along the paved walkway. (source – City of Cape Town)

Another exciting initiative is the public arts programme connected to the 2014 World Design Capital project and coordinated by art54.  Art54 which is named after Ward 54 (covering the Atlantic Seaboard area) is a committee consisting of a diverse group of individuals who all have specialist knowledge of contemporary art practices.   Through art54, artists can submit their proposals for various public art projects which are then reviewed and approved by the committee.  The result?  Really interesting pieces like these:

Top – “Kom oor die see” installation by Haroon Gunn-Salie; Bottom left – “Perceiving Freedom” sculpture by Michael Elion; Bottom right – “Rhinosaur” by Andre Carl

Two pieces from the bench project which was proposed and coordinated by Greg Benetar

Whether you love/hate art, or get it/don’t get it, you really have to agree that this is all very exciting.  I mean, these pieces are definitely sparking some great conversation/debate while also creating more reasons for people to come and visit our beautiful city.

Currently you can also check out the Sea-Change Exhibition – a collection of large format photographs along the sea wall which aims to tell the story of the evolutionary relationship all humans have with the ocean.

Sea-Change is a not-for-profit organisation mandated to promote marine conversation with a focus on Marine Protected Areas.  They are currently working in partnership with the Western Cape Government to assist in their application to have key archeological sites in the Western Cape pronounced as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

In partnership with Wavescape, Pick ‘n Pay, WWF-SASSI, art54 and the Western Cape Government, this exhibition will be running until April 2015.  Seeing as it’s up on a the sea wall, it’s of course free and open to anyone, and if you download the free Layar app onto your phone or tablet, you can also watch related videos from the kelp forests.

A few of the Sea-Change Exhibition pieces… it really is a beautiful exhibition…

So yeah, what are you waiting for… Go an explore the Sea Point Promenade with renewed curiosity…  It’ll bring a big smile to your face, that I guarantee you.



Andrea Jan 14, 2015 - 3:18 pm

The concrete benches are wonderful, A lovely place to stop whilst running along the promenade.

Karisa Jan 14, 2015 - 3:33 pm

They definitely are. I also love a good promenade walk/run 🙂


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