Chu’s CHULAAP collection impresses at SA Menswear Week

by Karisa

So last week saw the launch of the very first SA Menswear Week.  Taking place over a 3 day period within the Breakwater Parking Garage in the V&A Waterfront (making for quite an edgy setting), top SA menswear talent showcased their various Autumn Winter 2015 collections – proving that cutting edge fashion is certainly not just for the ladies.

I unfortunately only made it to the Saturday session, but with the exciting unveiling of YOU/Huisgenoot/DRUM fashion director, Chu Suwannapha’s first ever collection, the Saturday session was where it was at (well for me at least).

You see I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chu on a few occasions and he’s hands down one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet.  I’ve always loved his quirky, colourful style and I just knew he would have something quite special up his sleeve.

Being styled by the man himself back in 2012 for a little You/Huisgenoot feature

Chu gave the following description of his highly anticipated CHULAAP collection:

Now let’s take a look shall we – all images below by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo:




He was also one of only a few designers to feature female models – showing that menswear can be quite versatile as well.

* These pics are my own* – The coolest little wow factor was this jacket which you could wear as a backpack – that means no more holding your jacket in your hands or not knowing what to do with it. OR you can just easily keep your jacket on hand in case the weather turns. So clever – I usually have to tie a bloody jersey to my handbag when I go out… (apologies for the blurry shot – my camera’s not as good as the pro guys)

Well done Chu!

I know a lot of men looking at these designs will probably be thinking “I could never rock a look like that” – well I think you’re wrong.  You see this is my take on it:  Designers style up their runway looks the way they want to present their designs to the world, but it’s up to you to take pieces of their collections and make them your own.  So a lot of his knits for example would look amazing paired with a pair of jeans, and those jackets would also look great with a more toned down look.  It’s all about how you mix & match, because fashion should be fun after all…

To Chu I’m gonna say:  Loved it, I really did…  It was fun, different, exciting and cool all rolled into one and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

For more imagery & news about SA Menswear week – check out and then also keep an eye out for the next one which I’ve heard is planned for July this year.





capetownwedding Feb 11, 2015 - 1:54 pm

Love the fusion of cultures to create something new. That is exactly what South Africa is built on. Chu did an amazing job!

Karisa Feb 11, 2015 - 3:18 pm

Definitely 🙂


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