Cooking up a storm with Chef Peter Ayub at Sense of Taste

by Karisa

One of my 2015 resolutions was to finally get my butt into gear and learn how to cook… I just figured it was time to expand my cooking repertoire which basically only covered toasted sandwiches and breakfast foods.  (Yes I know… how the hell have I managed to survive on my own for this long?  I have asked myself this question a lot, and all roads really just lead to Woolies instant meals & cereal *and I hang my head in shame*)

Anyways, I mentioned this planned quest of mine to Chef Peter Ayub at his book launch at the end of last year, and he was like “Right, I can help!”.  AND that’s how I found myself at one of his cooking classes last week…

You see over and above being a great chef and an all round awesome guy, Peter also runs Sense of Taste which is a chef school as well as a fine foods catering service.  They do professional full-time chef courses as well as various short courses including corporate cook offs, professional wedding cake design, industrial skills training and then also lifestyle cooking classes (which is the one I ended up attending).

The lifestyle cooking classes are open to anyone from complete novices (like me) to wannabe master chef types, and it’s basically just a fun evening out learning some new things, meeting some new people, and eating some great food.

Peter is joined by Chef Angie Boyd (who’s a master at pastries & desserts), and together the two of them were set on making a cook outta me (not the easiest job, that I promise you)…

Step 1 was grabbing a beer, then we settled in at your stations and put on our sexy aprons…  My lovely friend Kim (modelling her sexy apron bottom right) came along as my partner-in-crime for the evening. The girl loves to cook, so I figured it was a good backup option in case I ended up almost burning the place down or something…

Then chef’s Peter Ayub and Angie Boyd carefully goes through every dish with you, showing you how everything is done & giving you some great general cooking tips as well…

Peter’s dog, Batman, also popped by briefly to say hi (love this dog too much – just look at that face!)

On the night we made Saffron Risotto, a beef fillet with a bearnaise sauce, and chocolate & berry tarts.  We kicked things of with the dessert because the tarts needed time to set & then we just added the final touches later on in the evening:

Just look how beautiful those tarts are…

We then moved onto the risotto which I learnt involves a lot of stirring, then some more stirring, and a whole whack of patience.  BUT the end result is well worth the effort:


And then finally it was time for that steak… formally known as a Chateaubriand…

Isn’t that just the most beautiful piece of meat…

Why the fancy name?  Well because it also included…

An exciting flambé lesson!  That’s Kim bringing the heat on the right…

As you can see, we had an absolute blast, and for only R400 per person (or you can take advantage of their current special where if you book 2 spots, you can get it for R700), you too can join in on all this cooking awesomeness.

You’ll also get to create a starter, main & dessert, and the best part is that you of course get to eat it all afterwards. #HappyDance  The cost includes:  all your ingredients, the yummy food you’ll eat, some draught beer sponsored by Windhoek (or you can bring your own drinks if you prefer a bit of wine, etc), a memento apron, and basically just a really fun evening out.

Classes are held on Thursday evenings and begin SHARP at 18h00 until about 21h30 at their kitchens in Maitland (just off the N1 and Koeberg Road & with safe and secure parking behind electric gates) – try get there 15min early though to give yourself time to settle in.

The next class is taking place on Thu, 19 March and this is what’s on the menu for the evening:

  • Herbed Gnocchi from scratch with Blue Cheese and Leek Sauce
  • Sole en Papiolette
  • Apple Tarte Tin with Salted Caramel and Citrus infused Crème Fraiche

Sounds good no?

To book your spot, contact Sarah on – She will then send you all the details to make your EFT payment before the class, and then you’re ready to go.

Then just as a side mention as a great gift to yourself or someone else – keep an eye out for Peter’s new cook book, Sense of Taste:

Available from the Sense of Taste kitchen, all major bookstores and online at and – (Prices do vary online – but expect to pay R250 in book stores & at the kitchen)

ALSO, if you’re looking for a mean gourmet hot dog, be sure to visit Peter’s restaurant On A Roll over in Little Mowbray – it’s pretty damn cool. #TrustMe

I have to say a HUGE thank you to chef’s Peter & Angie.  I think I’ve finally got the confidence to give this cooking thing a real, solid try.  Since the class I’ve already made a green curry from scratch (didn’t even use a shop-bought paste or anything), as well as my mom’s melktert (that’s the recipe I shared with your guys yesterday).

So yeah, a chef (well an at-home chef at least) might just be in the making here folks.  Watch this space…  But maybe before I get ahead of myself, I should just book a few more classes to be safe. 😉



Kim Feb 18, 2015 - 2:08 pm

Seriously an awesome experience. Thank you so much for the invite. I’m gonna try to book the next class. x

Karisa Feb 18, 2015 - 2:35 pm

Best partner-in-crime I could’ve asked for 🙂 But yeah, I also want to try do another one soon…


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