Tiger’s Milk – Cool name. Even cooler space

by Karisa

OK so yesterday I told you all about my Muizenberg exploration thanks to the guys at Cape Town Tourism & VoiceMap.  (If you missed it, hop on over here)  The last stop of the day was lunch at the all new Tiger’s Milk Restaurant & Bar (the latest addition to the Harbour House group).

The place is so damn sexy, I felt it deserved it’s own post…  But just to note, this is not so much a review as simply a “OMG, how freakin’ cool is this place” post, because we obviously ate here, but I was part of a media group, so that’s not really the same as simply going there and ordering straight from the menu.   The food we had however was delicious, so I will definitely be going back for a proper visit.

Now the name “Tiger’s Milk” is certainly one that makes the mind wonder… What does it mean?!  For me, it immediately reminded me of poor old Charlie Sheen’s rant about Tiger’s blood.  Remember that?  Well that’s what I had in mind, but it actually turns out to be something quite simple…  Tiger’s Milk is a Peruvian term for the citrus-based marinade that cures seafood in a ceviche…  So now you know. 😉

Let’s have a look at the place, shall we:

Situated right above Primi…

The kitchen is completely open, so you can see all the hustle & bustle behind the food preparation…

Great views…

There’s also an open-air balcony out back…

The menu is quite simple – they have some starter options which include calamari, ribs, salads & charcuterie.  Then they have pizzas, burgers, pan-fried line-fish & peri peri chicken, and lastly they have a good selection of steaks.  Have a look at their menu over here.  They refer to it as “dude food”, and of course they also sell craft beer.

Some of the things we got to enjoy… the pizza, calamari & ribs were all winners in my book…

Wanna check this spot out for yourself?  Then take note of these need-to-knows:

  • They are open:  7 days a week for lunch & dinner
  • They are located:  On the corner of Beach & Sidmouth Roads, Muizenberg
  • You can contact them on: 021 788 1869 or info@tigersmilk.co.za

To the Tiger’s Milk team I will say:  Love your space guys… You’ll definitely see me again…


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Sam Christian Apr 14, 2015 - 12:25 pm

Nice pics, cool post – Been there loads of times, but its cool to see what the place looks like without masses of people!! 🙂


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