A few photos from this weekend’s Cape Town Carnival

by Karisa

So this past weekend we had all the excitement of the Cape Town Carnival which this year had an Elemental theme.

The Green Point fan walk was jam-packed with spectators who all got into the festive spirit in a big way.  Being part of that crowd made me feel like such a proud Capetonian and I was literally smiling from ear to ear, especially when our brave firemen & fire volunteers were given a massive hero’s welcome by all in attendance.

There’s not too much more for me to say because photos really do tell a better story…  So this is going to be one of those sit back & look at all the pictures posts…

Here goes:



There were of course also tons and tons of amazing dance troupes and other performers in between the big floats, but I unfortunately wasn’t in a great position to get photos of them.  (But they were equally awesome)

Aaaaaand to wrap up I really want to give the organisers, sponsors, float builders, costume makers, and each and every performer a solid round of high 5s.  This was such a cool celebration of what makes this city so incredible, and I am already looking forward to next year.


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