Get a taste of German goodness over at Raith Gourmet

by Karisa

Now Raith Gourmet is one of those places I’ve known about for a while, but never really checked out for myself…  An ex of mine was half German descent, and whenever we walked around Gardens Centre he would stop to give me a mini lecture about how great this shop is.  In true girlfriend form, however, I would simply roll my eyes and go ja, ja ja

Well that was until they actually sent me an invitation to come in and they their wares so to speak.  I took my friend D along because well, a German style butchery, bakery & delicatessen sounded a bit “dude foodish”, so I figured I’d need a male opinion to balance things out, and also because they gave me R150 to spend on something to eat and I figured I’d also need some backup.

Just as a bit of background about them – they offer a variety of the finest quality European meats, organic vegetables, freshly baked German breads, and a range of imported and local cheeses.  Being German focused, they of course also serve up some great German Beer to which I believe I should say Prost!

You can eat in or buy goodies to use at home, but basically you’re being welcomed into a world of superb meats and eats, a world which would make any German proud.

Let’s take a look around shall we:

In their Gardens Centre store you can sit inside or outside for a quick bite…

It gets quite busy over lunch time… in fact…

This is what the queue looked like pretty much the entire time we were there… Pretty impressive I have to say…

For our lunch, D and I went for the chicken schnitzel, the pork ribs, a bit of pork belly & a giant meatball. (They also do other things like Bratwurst, Frankfurters and tasty looking sandwiches)  We paired this with some German potato salad and of course we had to try some sauerkraut too. It was a good thing D and I were sharing, because sjoe, they certainly serve up a man-sized meal.

The food was tasty enough, particularly that German potato salad, the pork belly & schnitzel; but to me their true strength lies in all the top quality meats, cheeses, and other accompaniments you can purchase to use at home.  It’s without a doubt the kind of stuff that’ll take your braai or dinner party to the next level, leaving your friends feeling far inferior to your hosting & cooking prowess…

Just look at all that goodness…

You could get completely lost just checking out cool stuff…

Just remember that if you do make use of any of their amazing things, when your friends ask about it, just say it’s from an old German recipe passed down by your great grandmother, OK. 😉

To the Raith Gourmet team, I’m going to say well done guys.  I really had no idea there was so much awesomeness behind those glass doors.  I’ll definitely be back to get my shop on.

To you guys reading this I’m gonna say do pay them a visit.  This really is delicatessen heaven.  Also to those of you who live out in the Southern Suburbs, you’ll be happy to know that they also have a branch in Constantia – Shop 8, High Constantia.

And with that, I’m going to leave you guys with a big fat Happy Friday!  It’s going to be absolutely beautiful weather…. So your mission is to get out there and make the most of it.


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