Getaway Tuesdays – McGregor: Where to stay

by Karisa

This is the 5th and final post in my Getaway Tuesdays series – if you missed parts 1 to 4 , hop on over here:

So over the last few weeks I’ve been telling you about all the great stuff there is to do and see in the McGregor area.  But some of you might be thinking… that all sounds great, but where does one stay?

It’s simple – you get in touch for the lovely Mira Weiner from McGregor Country Getaways.

Mira & her team manages a large selection of self catering and B&B style accommodation options.  They cater for anyone from backpackers to those who prefer a bit of luxury; and as far as value for money goes, McGregor’s right up there.

Just as an example, here are the two cottages I stayed in:

Friday eve – Wild Almond Cottage (sleeps 4, R300 per person)

Saturday eve – Tumbleweed Cottage (sleeps 6, R400 per person)

Both are super lovely right?

I urge you to do some window shopping on their website:  And if you spot something you like, contact Mira on:

  • Telephone : 023 625 1519 & 076 411 9477
  • Email :

Your next DW (or family getaway) is only a few clicks away… 😉


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