Radford Dale launches new Thirst Wines

by Karisa

So Radford Dale (Part of The Winery of Good Hope) recently launched a very cool new range of wines called Thirst… Of course to launch a cool new wine, you need a cool spot where cool people come together, right?

Well they chose well because you don’t really get a cooler spot than Publik Wine Bar in Church Street:

The new Thirst range consists of 3 wines:  A Gamay Noir, a Cinsault, and a Clairette Blanche, Chenin Blanc & Verdelho white blend.

Now I know what you’re thinking… all three of these are quite unusual right?  Right… That’s what makes them so exciting…

The description on the bottle reads:

Thirst is a refreshing, restrained alcohol, naturally made wine, with minimal intervention.  We have not stripped it of any natural components.  Our simple logic is the less you manipulate the wine, the better it is, and we therefore capture its integrity, energy and individuality.

Another bottle feature is the Thirst mascot, Eric,  who’ll you’ll find either enjoying a glass of or looking for his bottle of Thirst:

Did you spot him?

 I found Eric inside Publik as well… And we ended up having a drink together:

Cheers Eric!

All 3 wines are really quite beautiful in their own right.  If I was pushed to pick a favourite however, I would pick the Cinsault.

The nice thing about both the Cinsault and the Gamay Noir is that they’re both relatively light reds.  This means that they can be easily enjoyed on a hot summer’s day as well.

To give these wines a bash, do keep an eye out for Thirst wines at a wine shop near you…  OR you can contact The Winery of Good hope over here to order directly from the cellar.  AND you can also purchase these wines from the Publik Online Store at R130 per bottle right now. (Anybody in need of some retail therapy?)

With that I’m going to say cheers to the almost weekend everybody… Only one more day to go…


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