Queen – It’s a kind of magic is now showing at the Artscape & it’s not to be missed

by Karisa

One of my earliest childhood memories is that of seeing Queen’s A Kind of Magic music video on TV for the very first time (the other memory is of a wooden swing which my dad had built for me, jam-packed with all my soft toys, coming straight at my head – but let’s not go down that route).

Back to that music video… I was 6 years old & I was completely mesmerised…  Just like that my love for Queen was born and I quickly became my mom’s favourite party trick, having to “dance for the people” every time the song was played.

But I didn’t care.  I freakin’ loved that song, and the more I learnt about the band, the more obsessed I became.  Today I’m proud to say that they’re still my favourite band of all time, and if I could ever bring someone back to life to join me for a dinner party, Freddie would be my man.

It’s not surprising therefore that I was thrilled outta my pants about the show “Queen – It’s a kind of magic!” coming to Cape Town…  And to top it all off, I got to attend the show’s opening night last night.  #HappyDanceBaby

She show, which is brought to you by Showtime Australia, is a true rock concert style Queen celebration featuring Giles Taylor as Freddie Mercury, Richie Baker as Brian May, John Deacon (a South African I’ll have you know) as Steven Dennett & Kyle Thompson as drummer Roger Taylor.

I was also lucky enough to meet Peter Freestone, personal assistance and close friend to Freddie Mercury for 12 years.

Some show images taken from the QueenIAKMShow Instagram account.

Although seeing Freddie perform live is of course something I came too late into the world to experience, watching Giles and the rest of the team on stage was an incredible throwback to all that time spent totally glued to the TV watching their various music videos and shows.

All the big hits are covered (so think Under Pressure, Somebody to Love, We will rock you, Another one bites the dust, Fat Bottomed Girls, Killer Queen & I want to break free), with some lesser known numbers thrown into the mix as well. Then what Queen tribute show wouldn’t include the ultimate Queen hit… Bohemian Rhapsody… say what? Of course not son.  That’s the only way to finish off a show to remember.

Also a Queen fan?  Then you better get your tickets ASAP…. I predict seats will sell out fast…

Book it.  Book it now!


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