Things to do: The St James coastal walk from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay

by Karisa

I’ve been spending a bit more time in the “deep south” recently and have developed a new love for the area for many reasons… The most important one being that it’s just so damn pretty down there.

Last weekend I walked from Muizenberg Beach via the St James walkway all the way to Kalk Bay where I had a drink at the Brass Bell.

The walkway ends at St James near a row of colourful beach huts.  You can then do a bit of beach walking & some minor rock jumping from there on, or head up and use another walkway on the street side.  We did the first option because sand in your toes is always more fun…

The walk was awesome, because:

  1. Fresh sea air in your face
  2. An opportunity to get those limbs moving
  3. Beautiful photos for dayssss (ie. you can rock it out on social media like a beast)
  4. And a rewarding drink at the end (winning all round)

If it’s something you haven’t yet done – this is my instruction to you:  Do it!  Here’s some of the pics I took along the way…


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