Au Revoir kicks off at the Kalk Bay Theatre this evening – do not miss out (like seriously)

by Karisa

I know I rave about the shows running at Kalk Bay Theatre all the time, but that’s just because this awesome little theatre really does know how to pick only the best & I’ve yet to attend what would be considered a “dud”…  BUT if there’s one show you really, really, like really need to see, it’s gotta be Au Revoir which hits their stage this evening.

It’s a kind of sequel to last year’s show, Bon Soir, which had me speechless (in the best way of course).  The story line doesn’t follow in any way (because it’s really not that kind of show), but the style & core thread of the show ties back to that of last year’s show.

In their words its taken “a year of auditioning, creating, tweaking, brain-storming, researching, changing, rehearsing and re-rehearsing”  to finally bring this crazy compilation to life.

But what to expect?  Think:  Comedy, dance, optical illusion, burlesque, adagio, music, singing, mime and much much more…  If I could use a reference you may know, it’s kinda like the Madame Zingara’s Theatre of Dreams, but in a much more intimate setting.

Here’s the official show synopsis:

Six multi-talented performers – Ash Searle, Henk Opperman, Liam McDermott, LJ Neilson, Natasha Rhoda and Nicole Van Den Berg – hit the Kalk Bay Theatre’s intimate stage over the summer season to mesmerise you in FollowSpot’s newest show, Au Revoir. It’s a cirque-comedy dance extravaganza that will stimulate the senses with hints of burlesque, a little steampunk, sensual acrobatics, quirky dance bits, outrageous physical comedy and dynamic vocals. It’s a carnival smorgasbord for adults.  Escape reality and enjoy this unique concoction of fun!

Here are all the need-to-knows:

GENRE: Cirque, comedy, dance, cabaret, Vaudeville
TICKETS: R165 | TUESDAY SPECIAL – each ticket admits 2 people.  Book online over here.
TIME: 8.30PM | RESTAURANT opens at 6:30PM (if you want to book a table for dinner before)
AGE RESTRICTION: 14yrs (16yrs if you are conservative) due to sexual innuendo and language
RUNNING UNTIL:  31 December 2016

I’m going on Saturday evening and I can’t freakin’ wait…


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