Ever considered having a tattoo removed? The guys at No regrets will sort you out

by Karisa

So about two years ago I had two small wrist tattoos done. On my left wrist (just a simple little heart on the inside of my wrist) and on my right wrist/hand – 6 little flying birds.

Overall I really love my tattoos, there was just a problem with bird number 6.  You see on the day they told me it wasn’t a good idea to tattoo them going straight onto the side of my hand because the skin on the side of your hand/palm doesn’t work so well.  They then suggested that they rather angle the birds so they go up onto the top of my hand.  I didn’t think much about it until a couple of weeks later when it really started annoying me that I kept seeing that last bloody bird upside down all day…

So with this I decided to start researching tattoo removal options to get rid of that one little bird.  It took me quite some time to build up the guts to do it.  I also did a lot of Google research and called quite a few laser clinics in the process, but I kept hearing horror stories about people getting burnt with lasers and ending up with nasty scars.  So I really wasn’t sure whether I should take the leap…

Then someone at Wildfire Tattoos in Long Street (where I had my tattoos done) actually recommended a little place called No Regrets in Claremont.  No Regrets specialises in tattoo removals & repairs, they can even change that tattoo of your ex’s name into something else.  Yay! 😉  I instantly felt like the No Regrets team “got me” way more than any of the snooty laser clinics I had contacted.  Also, where other quotes came out to R500+ a session, these guys were only going to charge me R100 a session.  #winning

The trick with getting your tattoo removed without any scarring is to be patient & rather go for the slower option of one laser treatment every 6 weeks.  The number of treatments you’ll need depends on your tattoo, your skin type, the position of the tattoo, etc.   Black tattoos for example are easier to remove than colour tattoos, especially where the colour yellow is involved.  In my case my little bird has been a bit stubborn due to the fact that I have very bad circulation in my hands which makes it harder for my body to break down and absorb the ink particles after each session.  But I’m definitely not giving up!  I’d rather take my time and get it removed properly than risk it, go for something more invasive and end up with a scar.

I actually just went for my 6th session this past weekend, but I took some pics before and after my 5th session to give you an idea of what to expect.

This was before session 5…

This was immediately after my 5th session… As you can see, it’s a little red & a little raised, but that’s about it…

Later on in the day you’ll notice that it does go a little red, and it may stay a little red for a day or two…

Just to show you how it all looks together… I still really love the other 5, so they can all definitely stay…

But ja, it’s not too painful, there’s no downtime after, and mine takes like 30 seconds to zap.  Obviously mine’s very small, so things will differ depending on the size of your tattoo, but I’m really stoked with the process and I reckon I still have about 2 more sessions to go.  (Pricing will obviously also depend on the size of your tattoo)

I highly recommend that you give these guys a call if you’ve been considering a tattoo removal yourself.  They’re awesome, you’ll absolutely love them and they’re also super affordable.  Why not right?

You will find them here:  Shop 2, 152 Imam Haron Road, Claremont Cape Town, South Africa
And you can contact them on:  021 671 2300 or noregrets@tattoo.co.za

It’s best to make a booking for them to do an assessment first, then you can decide whether you want to continue or not.  Easy peasy.


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