World-renowned Fortaleza Tequila launches in SA

by Karisa

Primal Eatery’s deck is quite an inviting summer chill spot…

If you’re a lover of a fine tequila… not the “let’s throw back 20 shots and regret our poor life choices” type, but the kind you can actually sip and enjoy, then you’re gonna want to listen up…

A couple of week’s ago I popped into Primal Eatery for the SA launch of Fortaleza – a 100% agave, small-batch, handcrafted tequila which originates from the town called Tequila in the western Mexico state, Jalisco.  So yeah, it doesn’t get more authentic than this ladies & gents.  But it gets better!

Their tequila maker, Guillermo Erickson Sauza, is a 5th generation tequila maker who does not make use of any technology or modern processes.  He creates Fortaleza using the same production methods of his forefathers, ensuring you’re getting a tequila that tastes the same as it did about 150 years ago.

Importers, Truman & Orange, feel that the term “premium spirit” is no longer reserved for cognacs and whiskies, and that they’re seeing more and more South Africans interested in trying high-quality tequilas and other spirits.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been a huge tequila fan (I blame my varsity days for that), but getting the opportunity to try such a high-end tequila as part of a food & tequila pairing dinner was an offer that sounded way too interesting to turn down.  Also, I had not yet been to Primal, so there was double intrigue…  Let me give you a quick tour:

So what was on the menu? A little Fortaleza tasting followed by a very interesting 4 course tequila-inspired dinner:

How beautiful are the bottles btw?

From left to right you have the: Fortaleza Blanco (approx. R750 a bottle), the Fortaleza Reposado (approx. R1000 a bottle) and the Fortaleza Anejo (approx. R1300 a bottle). The crowd favourite was the Blanco, but I preferred the Anejo which is aged for up to 1.5 – 2 yrs and has a bit of a caramel taste.

Here’s a look at all the food & drink that followed:

As you can see, definitely an awesome (and sophisticated) twist on the regular tequila binge.  And I mean, why not??  I’m not a student anymore.  I’d much rather be pairing my meal with a tequila I can actually appreciate and enjoy than one that literally hurts on the way down.

If you feel the same, keep an eye out for Fortaleza in a bottle store or restaurant near you.  I personally am looking forward to trying a Fortaleza margarita – my favourite cocktail of all.  I’ve tried many margaritas around Cape Town, and trust me, it’s all in the quality of tequila that’s used.  Also, if you have a tequila-loving friend or relative, a bottle of Fortaleza will also make for a kick-ass Christmas gift.  #justsaying


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