A very quick Microblading update

by Karisa

So back in October I told you all about my very own Microblading experience… A nerve-wracking, semi-permanent eyebrow-enhancing process that turned out to be pretty damn awesome.

If you missed it, you can check out my detailed review over here.  Since then I’ve gone in for my 6 week touch up treatment, went through the whole healing process again (which was easier than the first time round), and now they’re all settled and lookin’ pretty fine if I have to say so myself.

This is my current brow game at 13 weeks post my initial treatment:

Still super happy with them. Love how natural they look…  I know what you’re probably thinking though – why didn’t she go thicker??  Well I actually thought about going a bit thicker at my touch up, but at the end of the day Rene and I decided it wouldn’t really suit my face.  I love the fact that they no longer look patchy and that I don’t have to fill them in anymore.  My brow game is strong, even straight out of the shower or swimming pool.  They’ve become super low maintenance and I feel like they frame my face perfectly.

Would I still recommend doing it?  Definitely yes.  Interested?  Then call Rene on 073 681 8782.


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