You will be dancing at “You Should Be Dancing” now showing at the Kalk Bay Theatre

by Karisa

Friday night lights… 😉

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that if you’re looking for a fun night out with some great entertainment, I really cannot recommend the Kalk Bay Theatre enough.

Their new show, You Should Be Dancing, knocks it out of the park once again on all fronts.  It’s funny, the singing & dancing performances are amazing, the music choices will evoke lots of nostalgia & good memories, and by the end of the show, they will most definitely have you on your feet.

Featuring Vanessa Harris & Ash Searle (who also directed the show) alongside Kalk Bay Theatre favourites Brad Searle, Liam McDermott, Nicole van den Berg & newcomer Caely-Jo Levy, this 70min show definitely brightened up my week last week in a big way.  In fact… I was still singing Brad & Ash’s hilarious “tight pants song” 3 days later…   (That’s one the ladies are gonna want to look out for).

Another highlight was Liam’s unplugged & slowed down performance of Tina Turner’s “Simply the best”, which had me asking “why doesn’t this boy have a recording contract already??”.  The rest of the show features pretty much every well-known dance-inspired hit from the 60s/70s to current date, so there will be lots to sing along too.

If you love music, there really is no excuse for you to miss out on this show…  And get this, it’s already done so well, that they’ve just extended their run from the 8th of September to 29 September.

Tickets are only R175 pp (with a 2-for-1 special on Tuesdays) and can be purchased online over here.  Here are all the other need-to-knows:

  • Time:  8:30pm  (restaurant opens at 6:15PM for those who want to book a table for dinner before)
  • Duration:  70min
  • Age restriction:  13 yrs

This will likely be you!!! Keeping the general good vibes going with a bit of an after-party…


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