Kalk Bay Theatre closes out the year with a bang with Bijou

by Karisa

Last Friday night I had the pleasure of visiting the Kalk Bay Theatre again to check out their new end-of-year show called Bijou.

A quick Google revealed that the word “bijou” can be used to describe a small & elegant house/residence (which is fitting seeing as the Kalk Bay Theatre is the most intimate, cozy little theatre you’ll find), or in French it means “jewel”, which to me meant that the show will dazzle you with all of its shiny splendour. 😉

If you’ve been lucky to see any of their past year-end shows ( ‘Bon Soir’, ‘Au Revoir’ and ‘Caliente’), you’ll know that it’s always an awesome mix of Vaudeville meets Cirque, Cabaret meets So You Think You Can Dance, old school ballads meets Pop Hits of the moment.

In their words, Bijou is:

A compilation of visually teasing acts seamlessly strung together with comedy and pizzazz. A little spicy, a little naughty and a lot of fun. Perfect for everyone to enjoy an hour of escapism. With a spectacular cast of unique and hugely talented performers Bijou promises a night you will not forget. We look forward to dazzling you socks off!

I really loved the show and know that you will to.  So don’t miss out & book those tickets now.  Bijou is running until Sat, 29 Dec 2018.

Here are all the need-to-knows:

FEATURING: Ash & Brad Searle, Vanessa Harris, Hannah Hishin, Liam Gillespie, Emily Isted and Michele La Trobe
TIME: 8.30PM  (restaurant opens at 6:15PM)
AGE RESTRICTION: 13Yrs… (16Yrs if you are super conservative)
TICKETS:  R180 PP & can be purchased online over here.

Some teaser shots of the show…


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