Catch Lilly Slaptsilli’s “I’m Gagging” at Craft Burger Bar on Buitengracht St every Wednesday

by Karisa

Last Wednesday I escaped the SONA rehearsal madness & celebrated making it to the mid-week point by enjoying a delicious burger while watching the oh-so-fabulous Lilly Slaptsilli in her 1st ever solo stand-up show called “I’m Gagging”.

Lilly Slaptsilli (aka Clive Allardyce) is a top drag entertainer, most widely known as having been one half of Mince & the other half being Kieron Legacy, the drag duo that performed throughout South Africa for almost 20 years.

In “I’m Gagging” Ms Slaptsilli serves up a taste of escapism with a good mix of both camp and sass. During the 60min show she takes a comical look at her own life, inviting the audience to share in her embarrassing moments & funny experiences.

All the action goes down at Craft Burger Bar on Buitengracht Street every Wednesday night until October 2019.

Oh hey there Craft Burger Bar…

This was actually my first time at Craft Burger Bar, so was very excited to try their “Create Your Own Burger” menu. You literally get to pick everything down to your garnish:

But if all those options get too overwhelming, you can also flip the menu around and select one of their set gourmet burger options.
I went for a 160g beef burger with half a bun (the 1/2 bun allows me to spend more KJs on wine haha), all the garnish, some cheddar cheese, a Monkeygland sauce (when last have you had that??) and a side portion of chips. #YUM

For the veggies out there, they also do a really nice vegetarian burger option. My friend Kim had one of these, I forgot to snap a pic on the night, but here’s a pro shot to tempt you:

OK, back to the show… Like I mentioned above, it happens every Wednesday:

Lilly Slaptsilli doing her thing…

Dinner bookings start at 6:30pm. Seating choices include reserved seats at candle-lit tables, reserved and general admission non-table seating, or group seating. So why not get some friends together and make it a more-the-merrier vibe.

My friend Kim & I enjoyed a lovely evening out and I left feeling that this would be a fun, pocket-friendly option for anyone who’s been looking for something a little different.

PS: The show is recommended for ages 18 and older due to the adult nature of Ms Slaptsilli’s humour. So do keep that in mind.


** This was a media invite **

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