Don’t miss Nik Rabinowitz’s new show, Late Bloomer, currently showing at the Baxter until 14 Dec

by Karisa

Nik Rabinowitz is one of my all-time favourite South African comedians. I never miss an opportunity to see one of his shows. His latest is called LATE BLOOMER and it is in one word: brilliant!

Nik doing his thing..

Apparently we’re in a recession, but according to South Africa’s original Xhosa-speaking, Jewish leg-spinner turned comedian Nik Rabinowitz’s dentist brother in law, the only thing that’s receding is Rabinowitz’s hair line. (And his dreams of becoming a professional sportsman). 

Despite all of this hardship, Nik has managed to find the confidence to put on a new show, where he covers his bald spot, and a number of other exciting topics, like when to get your first skateboard (surprise, it’s not at 42); how to tell if you’ve been Kondo-ed; and what you can find out from a DNA test. (Spoiler alert: A LOT.)

LATE BLOOMER (which is directed by another funny man you may know, Rob van Vuuren) is running until the 14th of December 2019 at the Baxter Concert Hall, every Tuesday to Saturday at 20:00.

For those who have not yet had the pleasure of seeing a Rabinowitz show, here’s a few facts to give you an idea of the caliber of stand up to expect:

  • Nik is a former Stand Up of the Year winner.
  • He’s been making people laugh for a whopping 18 yrs.
  • He’s toured internationally, including Nigeria, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK where he appeared at The Royal Albert Hall & on BBC 2’s Mock the Week.

Tickets cost only R140 to R180 & are available via Webtickets over here. The only thing to take note of is that there is a age restriction of 14 yrs.

BOOK those tickets now & you get to see this beautiful face in person… 😉


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