Tried & Tested: Gizzls medical CBD treats for dogs and cats

by Karisa

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We’ve taken in two foster pups from TEARS Animal Rescue who had to shut down for the lockdown. Obviously, going to a strange new home with people you don’t know can be a super stressful experience for any dog. Knowing this, the lovely Jacki from Gizzls got in touch & asked whether we’d like to try their medical CBD treats for dogs to help with any anxiety our new house guests, Daisy & Gus, might be feeling…

That’s Daisy on the left, Gus on the right and Gizzls medical CBD treats in an oh-so-tempting ostrich flavour front & center.

The story behind Gizzls CBD treats is such a lovely one. Jacki’s own rescue, a Maine Coon named Gizzy, got very ill last year. He was eventually diagnosed with chronic kidney disease for which there is no cure. After Gizzy’s chronic medication didn’t seem to make much of a difference, Jacki started on her own journey to find an alternative solution. She started researching CBD oil & found out about its various health benefits and the more she read the more she knew that she had to give it a try. Fast forward to 3 months later & Gizzy’s appetite was back, his fur was looking all sexy & shiny again and he had put on a healthy 2kgs. (you can see some before & after pics here)

Witnessing those results first hand, Jacki knew she was onto something that could help so many more animals if she was able to find a way to make it easy for pet owners to give their animals the right dosage without having to run around trying to convince them to consume it in the oil form. And that my friends, is how Gizzls CBD treats were born.

Today Gizzy’s sister, a high energy German Shepherd named Indie, is also benefiting from the CBD treats to help with her early-onset arthritis. So it’s a happy & healthy family all round. 🙂

Here’s a summary of the key need-to-knows about Gizzls treats:

  • Gizzls treats are hand baked with the oil baked right into the biscuits (And to settle any covid-19 fears, I can also tell you that they’re baked & packed in a highly sterilised environment).
  • They are baked with full-spectrum CBD oil & are 100% natural.
  • They are free from gluten, corn & wheat with no artificial preservatives or additives.
These particular ones sell for R255 for a pack of 30 treats. Then they also have a similar one for smaller dogs and two different variant for kitties, one specially created for cats with chronic kidney disease, all at R195 per pack of 30.

Some of the key benefits for your pets include the following:

  • Provides joint support
  • Aids with digestion & stimulates their appetite
  • Soothes itchy skin
  • Eases pain & inflammation
  • Promotes heart & circulatory health
  • And as in our fosters case, also helps to reduce anxiety
Gizzls CBD treats – Daisy & Gus approved!! Also important to note – these treats won’t make your pets “high”, they are completely non-psychoactive.

The other awesome news is that Gizzls CBD treats are allowed to deliver during the lockdown (as pet supplies have been classed as essential) AND they’re offering 20% off all of their products:

Simply enter the code LOVEGIZZLS after clicking on the “Redeem your coupon” link at Checkout.

Got any more questions about CBD & how safe it is for your pets? Then be sure to check out the Gizzls FAQ page over here as well as their blog over here. There’s lots of great info that you can work through.

Also to note:

  • They can custom-bake treats around your pet’s specific ailment. For pets with cancer, as an example, they can offer treats with a stronger CBD dose.
  • They also give back by donating a % of profits to a different animal shelter each month. And when possible, they donate free treats as well. So far they’ve donated to Tears, Lucky Lucy & Harvey’s Haven.

I think even if your dog or cat doesn’t have any specific health issues, they’ll still benefit from these treats as I think our animals are going through quite a lot of stress related to being stuck indoors at the moment. We’ve already seen a difference with Daisy & Gus. They are much calmer & happier in general, and it has definitely helped them to settle in. You can also work in the CBD treats (or if you prefer it in oil form, that’s also available) into their diet simply to boost their immune systems in general.

Hop on over to their online store to give it a try & please share this post with any friends & family with pets who you think could benefit from these treats.


The first bag was gifted, but I have since paid for 2 more bags because I really do think this is a great product. #SupportLocal #CapeTownMyLove

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